Right On: DJ Simeon Presents Ohene In Rapsploitation Mixtape (Free Download Sucka)

Ohene is a beast.One of the better mc’s that has come out in awhile.He drops heat and this is far from different.I’m feeling this.Especially when he starts rhyming over the classic by Curtis Mayfields “Freddy’s Dead”.

Dj Simeon presents Ohene in Rapsploitation mixtape
by Dj Simeon/Ohene

Rapsploitation The new mixtape mash executive produced by DJ Simeon and Ohene explores African American culture of the 70s with a 2011 spin. Take a journey through time as Ohene addresses love, crime, and the exploitation of artists in the music business. Adorn your leisure suit and purple ‘gators, break out your Afro pick, and listen as Ohene plays the back seat of the Eldorado while Marvin Gaye drives with Pam Grier shotgun. Click here for this free download. Rated “M” for Mature.
Mixtape mash executive produced by Dj Simeon and Ohene
released 02 March 2011
produced by Dj Simeon, arranged by Ah-9-see, mastered by Kah-wan Shock lee.

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