Video Music Box #9 (Featuring: Company Flow, El-P, Mr Len, Bigg Jus, Kimani & Jean Grae)

The 9th installment of music related videos I find entertaining.With no said date.Meaning it could of came out today or 20 years ago.This time around one of my favorite groups back in the day Company Flow and Company Flow (El-P,Mr Len or Big Jus) related videos. .

Company Flow are an American underground hip hop group from Brooklyn, New York City at one time associated with the independent record label Rawkus Records. Rapper/producer El-P and DJ/producer Mr. Len founded the group in 1992 in Queens, New York and rapper/producer Bigg Jus later joined.
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Starting off with one of my all time favorite videos regardless of genre.

Company Flow – End to End Burners

Company Flow – 8 Steps To Perfection


Uploaded by DefJuxRecords on Oct 23, 2007
Bigg Jus & El-P reunite live on stage for the first time in 7 years!!! CMJ 2007 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Uploaded by DefJuxRecords on Oct 29, 2007



El-P – Deep Space 9mm

Album: Fantastic Damage (2002)

El-P – Smithereens (Copyright 2007 Definitive Jux Inc.) Director: Cassidy Gearhart

Uploaded by orchardmusic on Jun 24, 2009

El-P – “Time Won’t Tell” (Official Video from Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3)

The video for “Time Won’t Tell” is inspired by a childhood memory of director Shan Nicholson, who grew up in the “Old New York” during a time when necessity often bred creativity. This video depicts a young boy innocently finding a way to embrace his imagination amid an urban wasteland. El-P’s all instrumental album Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 is out now

(Bigg Jus)

Bigg Jus – Illustrations of Hieronymus Bosch

Uploaded by MushRecords on Aug 30, 2006
Music video for “Illustrations of Hieronymus Bosch” by Bigg Jus. Directed by Stemspot. From the album Poor People’s Day on Mush Records.

Bigg Jus – Mountainking

(Mr Len)

Mr Len – Taco Day Featuring Jean Grae

Roosevelt Franklin (Kimani + Mr. Len) @ WFMU

Company Flow (El-P, Mr Len) Interview – Sydney, Feb 2000
Uploaded by StealthMagazine on Mar 2, 2007

Face to face interview with El P and Mr Len from Company Flow in 2000:

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