Mixtape: Mick Boogie & Adele – 1988 (2008) (Bonus: Mick Boogie & Terry Urban-Le Da Soul: 20 Years Of De La Soul (’09) (Free Download) (Throwback)

Peace to Mick Boogie and The Gang.I can not believe I missed out on this back in 08.I guess that is what happens when you do something stupid and end up in a cell for awhile.I couldn’t imagine do football numbers and then trying to catch up on all the music you missed out on.Thankfully (and not) I only ever got caught up on petty shit.

This is really freaking nice though.Adele is awesome and nobody throws together mixes like Mick Boogie.Be sure to pick up Adele’s 21 out now.It’s one of the best soul albums I heard in awhile.

Mick Boogie & Adele – 1988

Fresh off the success of the internationally-acclaimed Viva La Hova, the MB team introduce rock star Adele to a whole new audience.
Adele’s album 19 set trends and created influence in the pop, rock and international worlds. But what would happen if the vocals and instruments of 19 were combined with the hip-hop sensibilities of the late 1980s, considered by many hip-hop’s golden age?

The result is the release from Mick Boogie… Adele: 1988.


Sadly another one I missed out on due to a skid bid:(

Mick Boogie & Terry Urban – Le Da Soul: 20 Years Of De La Soul (’09)

20 De La Soul remakes in dedication to their 20 years in the game

Inspired by 20 years of greatness from hip-hop’s most consistent group (and our personal favorite), De La Soul, this project unites the cream of the crop in Hip-Hop, including old school legends (Phife, Camp Lo and Skillz), current hitmakers (Talib Kweli and Kardinal Offishall) and future stars (U-N-I, Kardinal Offishalland Tabi Bonney) to remake their favorite De La classics.

Originally stemming from Mick Boogie’s popular VH1 Honor Roll mixtape last year, we worked with our favorite artists and producers to create an astounding 20 remakes! One for every year of De La history!


Mick Boogie is one of the best DJ’s putting shit out nowadays.Be sure to check him out @ http://mickboogie.com

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