Track Of The Day: Black Market Militia (Tragedy Kahadafi & Killah Priest) – The Final Call (Bonus: Killah Priest – If I Die) (Lyrics Included)

When you get 4 of the most respected vets in the New York underground hip hop scene together in the same room magic is bound to happen. Conceptually this record is solid and the chemisry amongst the seemingly unusual pairing is unmistakable. Enter Tragedy Khadafi (Juice Crew, Intelligent Hoodlum, CNN), Killah Priest (Sunz of Man, Wu-Tang Clan), Hell Razah (Sunz of Man, Wu-Tang affiliate) & Timbo King (Royal Fam, Wu-Tang affiliate, I AM).
The Black Market Militia – The Final Call

My favorite track out of the many gems off The Black Market Militia (slept on) debut LP.I thought it was kind of fitting with all the apoclytic shit going on like the tragic shit in Japan.I been feeling some sort of way,

This joint dropped back in 2005.And I been rocking it pretty regular since.I always thought Tragedy was one of the more prolific Mc’s out their.And Killiah Priest always comes through.Plus it doesn’t hurt to have two members of the legendary Last Poets on the cut either.

Artist: Black Market Militia (Tragedy Kahadafi & Killah Priest)
Title: The Final Call Featuring Gabriel Batler, Abiodun Oyemole Of The Last Poets


[Eilan Babilon doing background vocals]

[Intro: Killah Priest]
My lord, hear thy prayer
As we sit amongst our fathers..

[Killah Priest]
From black Israelites to a liberal life, young guy from prison
Fight the system, Muslim, Jews and Christian
The hoodlum serving food in kitchens, politician, lawyer
Judges, destroy the brothers, amongst the youngsters
Dumpster, project hallways, equal more graves
Add it up, since the fourth grade, minus that, from the gun claps
Now divide that from the cats who ever slung crack, whoever done that
To all races, faces and man, with holes in his hand
He will even bracelets, or race our soul where we stand
My eyes, have seen hell, between jail, and bullet shells
Heard some words from the both Bushes yell
It ain’t kill Saddam, we build the ‘Nam
Close both palms, shut my eyes, then reply
Old Jerusalem, we criminals, Subliminal’s click
Two Eilan live on, we toast to biblicial scripts, come on

[Chorus: Gabriel Batler (Abiodun Oyemole)]
I want you to ride it (for the shadow of death)
I feel nobody (there’s no one else)
I read for my one’s
I want you to ride it (for the shadow of death)
I feel nobody (there’s no one else)
I rise like the sun, and shine

[Tragedy Khadafi]
And I ain’t cryin’, and I ain’t layin’ down to dyin’
If I’m lyin’, you can throw me off the Mountain of Xian
The law be like fuck this, trap ’em in a chair and fry ’em
I write doctrines, everything I spit is a psalm
Walk the hood, with holes in my feet and palms
Throw on crown made of ice, millennium Christ
I bled with Malcolm, til the struggle gave my life
I walk through the valley of death, scroched through hell’s fire
Cell 33’s a lot, in Elmira, grew wiser
Learned my culture, from old timers
Dark conscious, made in an image, doing the knowledge
Like, extraterrestial beings, the all seeing
Out the sun roof screamin’, clappin’ the mack demon
My success is a journey, not a destination of faces
Snakes layin’ in waiting, congrogatin’ with Satan
Days of Gamora, need more, some water, I’m shakin’
My ancestors is cryin’, I’m feelin’ tears of the rain
Baptized in the Nile, and I’m trapped in pain

[Interlude: Killah Priest (Abiodun Oyemole)]
The Black Market (tact!)
The Black Market (tact!)

[Outro: Abiodun Oyemole]
As it was in the beginning
So shall it be in the end
As we walk through the shadows of death
We’ll find a way to win
This is the last will and testament
Of a light that’s been dimmed
Of a heart that’s lost it’s rhythm
And attacks it’s own reflection
Eyes of a blind, to the beauty of themselves
And souls of the so sacred, books were written
Temples were built, Jesus was born
In the womb of our love, for mankind
And this is the last sacrament, this is the last offering
The last jester, to spark the fire, to lift the spirit
Before the light turns back to black
Before the waves become a tidal, before the moon bleeds rivers of despair
And the stars become black holes in the sky
This is a final call, a final message
To those who think they know, and those who don’t want to know
A damn thing…


Killah Priest in my opinion has always been slept on to a high degree.He kicks simple but yet deep lyrics.I think throughout his lyrics their is a lot of epic and monumental thoughts once you break them down.I use to run into Killah Priest down by Fat Beats (RIP) in NYC once in awhile.I was never a really up on him till I saw him absolutely destroy a freestyle session down the block from fat beats.I thought wow this guy is pretty barbaric with his.So I bought his debut Heavy Mental not too long after that and have been a fan of his work since.

Killah Priest – If I Die

This is my favorite track from Killah Priest.This is from his follow up to Heavy Mental which was View from Masada.Which in my opinion was a superior album.

(From Amazon)
It is the second studio album by Killah Priest from the Wu-affiliate group Sunz of Man. Despite his well-known affiliation with the Wu-Tang Clan, the album has no features, nor production from any of the clan members. The Enhanced CD portion contains a video of “What Part of the Game?” with Ras Kass.It came out in 2000.

In my opinion Killah Priest is one of the rare cases in Hip Hop.He gets better with each album.And this cut here shows why.

Artist: Killah Priest
Title: If I Die


Now I lay me down to sleep
I, I pray the lord that my soul he keeps
If I should die, before I awake
I, I pray the lord that my soul he takes

[killah priest]
If I die, may the sky turn forever grey
Neglect the moon of a light, turn the sun beige
May the lord open up every grave
Every prophet that was slayed
May they roam the earth for thousands days
Give ’em a body of a slave
May the lord strike this earth with pestilence and plagues
If I ever lay, may they cover me with weed, ash, hip and sage
Merry thug raid, may they bust in gauge
Merry judge pray, when they lower my cage
And my flesh return to wet clay
From which I was made, my bones rot and decay
If I rest eternal, may the lords send great inferno
Till this day I write my journal
Journal, urban journal


[killah priest]
Dear heavenly father
The reason why I stand at your gates holdin two revolvers
Cuz down on earth I had mad drama
Protect my body from the tabernacle of robbers
I pray that an angel take my body
Before the doctors have a chance to do an autopsy
Buryin me near bob marley, or even haley salassie
Surround me by his israeli posse
What I know shocks me, the seven heads of juliani
Six-six-six, illuminati, and lord makes shorty mummify me
I put every word in my diary
So in time, every eye can see
Send death to the world, that’s haunted
Kill ’em with torment, let the beast rise, that lies dorment
No more life insurance or police warrants, for me

[chorus x1.5]

[killah priest]
When I was born, gynacologists surrounded my womb
Now I’m born, archeologists surroundin my tomb
They suit me up in perfume, in that small church room
Don’t cry, I be back to earth soon
Felt the fever of thieves in my blood
Born to live after the sunset of the world
If we die of another man’s ignorance
Remember lord, they ain’t innocent
Before they acted nigger-ish, tasted hell bitterness
Swallow my tongue, like a liquorice
Though, runnin through his naked wilderness
Mad as a jackal, with the dry mouth
That prowls the grave at the time of drought
Bury me near king david
Somewhere in the oasis
Fill my body with godly fragrance
May I sleep with the ancient
Feed my flesh to the ravens
Wish death on every peagan
If I finish my night in some gutter with my throat cut
By some fake friends who had me doped up
Fill this whole planet with smoke and such
If I’m murdered like abrah’
May I fall in the arms of an angel
Fuck a close friend, they can change too
Return to the earth as gairule, hostin my own funeral
Lookin unusual, may the earth choke and spit up my coffin
Use my body as an offering, God bless my offsprings
(show him the way)
If I die tonight
(show him the way)

[chorus x3]

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  1. That was a Great item. I enjoyed it very much. Regards Chanda Hassian

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