Great Muisc You Probably Haven’t Heard But Should: Eddie Sanabria – Eddie & Gravity EP (Don’t Sleep)

Eddie & Gravity
by Eddie Sanabria

Hailed “one of the best kept secrets of soul music” by Terry Bello of Groove Nation and the Soul Music Summit, Eddie Sanabria has quietly surfed the music landscape leaving a piece of himself every where he’s played. He has been featured as both lead vocalist and co-writer on chart topping singles in Australia, Germany, and South Korea, and has since been heard on Lightyear Record’s Soul Lounge Vol. 1: The Vibe Compilation with Mothers Favorite Child. A recent New York transplant Eddie released his debut EP “Eddie and Gravity” in the spring of 2010.

I first heard Eddie Sanabria about 11 years ago when he was with a group called MothersFavoriteChild.I randomly ran across them on a website.I think it was actually called MP3.Com.They had a live album on their with the poet and performer Jessica Care Moore.Who is a great poet to check out if you never heard of her.So I saw her name and played some MothersFavoriteChild tracks.I use to just check out random acts on their.I definitely discovered gems once in awhile.They were definitely one of them.They had a bunch of live tracks on their so I downloaded them and quickly burned them to disc.I rocked the hell out of the cd to say the least.Long story short my computer grew legs and walked out on me.Regretfully I ran with bad company and a dude that looks like a junkyard Kevin James got the better of me for it.So I lost my back up of the files.And when I went to download them again.The site grew legs and walked away from the net:( Then my only cd became unplayable.They made them even cheaper then they do now back then.So for years I did searches for them and had no luck.Till one day, Bam.But by then Eddie left the group and he was replaced by two hot females.It made for good eye candy but it just wasn’t the same.It seemed formulated.So every now and then I do a search for them and Eddie Sanabria.I usually have no luck.I haven’t done it in over a year.I was really bored a couple nights ago and said F it.And to my surprise I pulled up this EP Eddie dropped a year ago.

I don’t really have to say anything but it is amazing,.This dude can sing.He is raw as hell(pause).And he always has such a awesome vibe with the music he chooses to rock over.I give this EP two thumbs up and hope he continues to do more music.Hopefully somebody hears him and puts him on.I can’t believe he has gone this long without bigger recognition.Check it out and purchase it if you can.Or if you can’t give it a listen.Either way let me know what you think.
-Dixon Rivers –

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