Track Of The Day: Unkle – Money And Run Featuring Nick Cave (Bonus: Kurt Vile – In My Time, (Uppanotch – Passport Featuring Dani And Kni), (REM – Discoverer), (Spec Boogie – Intercontinentalist Featuring Ash-Lee), (Broken Bells – Windows), & (Lil B – Base For Your Face Featuring Jean Grae & Phonte Produced By 9th Wonder)

Unkle – Money And Run (feat. Nick Cave)

The track is taken from our up-coming ‘Only The Lonely’ EP which is available to pre-order right HERE on
‘Only The Lonely’ is set for release on April 4th, closely followed by Where Did The Night Fall: Another Night Out’ on April 11th – a re-issue of the original WDTNF album which will include a bonus disc of exclusive BRAND NEW material.
The ‘Only The Lonely’ track listing is:
Money and Run (feat, Nick Cave)
The Dog Is Black (feat, Liela Moss)
Only The Lonely (dub)
Wash The Love Away (feat. Gavin Clark)
Sunday Song (feat. Rachel Fannan)
The EP release is closely followed by a full release of an extended version of 2010’s ‘Where Did The Night Fall – Another Night Out’ on 11 April. The new version has a bonus disc that is comprised of selected tracks from the last two EPs, plus a number of exclusive and rare tracks.
You can never go wrong with a ew track from Broken Bells . This track is called Windows and is from the Meyrin Fields EP (dropping March 29, 2011)The four-song Meyrin Fields EP also features the previously unavailable “Heartless Empire,” as well as “An Easy Life” and the title track. Meyrin Fields
Broken Bells – Windows

New Lil B joint.Whom I only know from the based god jokes over the net.I never really listened to the guy.But then I was cruising a forum and saw that one of my favorite artists of the last few years Phonte just dropped this joint.I gave it a listen not only because I am a Phonte fan,but I am a Jean Grae fan also.She is not only crazy on the mic but she is a cool and beautiful person off it too.Then their is also the simple fact 9th Wonder produced the track also.Which is very cool because it marks the first time 9th and Phonte have worked together in years.They just recently squashed a beef of some sort they had.And I guess are working together again.Hopefully a new Little Brother album is hoping too much.But overall I like the track.I think Jean could of came a lot harder.And this didn’t make me a Lil B fan but its a cool track to say the least.So…
Lil B – Base For Your Face Featuring Jean Grae & Phonte

Intercontinentalist featuring Ash-Lee

by Spec Boogie
New Lessonadary member Spec Boogie Intercontinentalist featuring Ash-Lee and produced by The Prince of Beatz. From the upcoming mixtape World Tourist.
New REM off their 15th studio album Collapse Into Now LP that dropped earlier this month.This song is pretty bad ass.I’ve never been a huge REM fan but based on this track alone I am gonna check out their new LP.Stipe just always gave me the creeps.I went to High School with a kid that looked just like him.He was a weird guy.I remember he got got suspended one year for violating a girl with a pool stick.He somehow got out of getting arrested because he denied it.And the girl was kind of crazy.So he got off (no pun) with a few other kids that didn’t like her saying he didn’t do it.Which is a shame.I heard a few years after high school a staff member in a hospital killed her.Or she hung herself.I’m not sure but I do know she is dead.So RIP.So I never liked that dude from school for many of reasons.He had Michael Myers eyes.So I didn’t trust him.So considering he looked like Stipe I took it out on REM.Plus Stipe always seemed like a pretentious dick head.This track gets two thumbs up though.
REM – Discoverer

New Freestyle joint from Queens duo Uppanotch…More to come.
Danon and Hosannah combine science with sociology to bring the caliber of hip hop UPPANOTCH. Danon is a Queens native with a sharp tongue capable of decimating a speaker. You can feel his life experience in his rhymes, and he’s gifted in everything from the art of story telling to straight lyrical spitfire: “could take six bars, make it an anthem- F the SOURCE I want my face on the moon, like Ralph Kramden- these ain’t delusions of grandeur- hat tilted like black panthers, the flow is chemotherapy- guess the beat is the cancer.” Hosannah was born in England , and came to New York in ’83. Raised by hip hop, the kid is slick with the gift. The word play is ridiculous- pay attention, you might miss su’m Hosannah finds a way to hold the track hostage- he’d rather surround it than be on top of it: “Link subjects through rough text- pen a curse on a scroll and have the verse plaguing listeners I provide the spirit through words that grasps parishioners and make em give ten percent of they folds to buy innocence…” Danon and Hosannah use different rhyme style and technique to touch your eardrums.
Uppanotch – Passport Featuring Dani And Kni

Kurt Vile is a guitarist and singer from Philadelphia. He was signed by Matador Records as a solo artist in May 2009.This track is off his album Smoke Ring for My Halo which just dropped earlier this week.
Kurt Vile – In My Time

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