Track Of The Day: Bambu – Something (Bonus: Steve Arrington – Blow Your Mind, Eska Beautiful Rework( Snoop Cover), Brother Eric aka The Spotlight Kid – Fugitive & Swollen Members – Bring Me Down Featuring Saigon)

March, in case you were unaware, is Women’s History Month. Los Angeles’ own, Bambu, leaks a song that takes a look at domestic violence from a personal perspective. The song speaks on his family history with violence in the home, as well as his own struggles with it, even touching on the normalcy of such violence against women in our own Hip Hop culture. For this one, DJ Phatrick stepped out from behind the turntables to produce, sampling Adele’s “Someone Like You.” A video is set to drop at the end of the month and the song will also be included on Bambu’s …Exact Change… re-release bonus EP, Short Changed, dropping on April 29, 2011 through Beatrock Music Label.
Bambu – Something

Steve Arrington – Blow Your Mind (Produced by Dam-Funk)

Steve Arrington, formerly of Slave, is recording an album for Stones Throw produced entirely by Dam-Funk
ESKA is a voice already heard by millions, but until now it’s not arrived at the opportunity to shine in a space of its master’s own making. She’s taken her time for good reason:Her legendary virtuosity has attracted the attentions of a host of acclaimed artists – the likes of Tony Allen and David Sylvian, to name a few of her collaborators. Her vocal arrangements have credits on 3 Mercury-nominated albums. Her previous solo projects showcased ESKA’s love and appreciation of the musicworlds that she previously worked in as well as her strength as a live performer. Listen to ‘ESKA Live’ and ‘THE GREAT ENGLISH SONGBOOK’ to hear some highlights of live reworks and old solo material.Now, ESKA has embarked on a very personal music journey fusing myriad elements from her eclectic musical upbringing that include
classical and folk. For her first solo recording project ‘English Skies’, she chose to work alongside one of her most recent collaborators,
artist-producer Matthew Herbert. The album is in the final production phase. Read and watch her journey from collaborator to solo artist at further information on ESKA’s ‘POP’ writing please contact

get in touch via
Brother Eric aka ‘The Spotlight Kid – FUGITIVE
Brother Eric aka ‘The Spotlight Kid – FUGITIVE It won’t let me embedd the song.But this is really a great cut and worth the click.
FUGITIVE Written and performed by Brother Eric aka ‘The Spotlight Kid’
Keys & Vox: Brother Eric
THE MTUNGWAZI FAMILY’ features works by Eska(mentioned above) family members as well as the Mtungwazis all together.
New track from Swollen Members.This is originally a Saigon track with Joe Budden.Even though it still has Saigon on it.They dumped Jersey Joe.And They slowed it down and reworked it.I like this better then the original.Even if they axed my dude from my home state.This is gonna be on Swollen Members upcoming album, Dagger Mouth.Which drops April 12th.
Swollen Members – Bring Me Down (Feat Saigon)

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