Track(s) Of The Day: B.Lewis – Choice One : Stay/Choice Two : Leave (Bonus: Odd Future’s Resident R&B Crooner… Frank Ocean – American Wedding & Tyler The Creator – Yonkers On Piano Video)

2 track remix variation of Fly Lo & Andreya Triana song Tea Leaf Dancers.B.Lewis did his thing and flipped it. His project Science Within Reason drops in a few shorts days.Keep your fucking peepers open for that.Ya heard.Overall though I been rocking these 2 tracks back so i count them as one the way they flow together.I really can not have one with out the other.they are pleasurable like a pause moment in Basic Instinct with a young Sharon Stone.Before she turned into a a young adams apple rocking Bea Arthur.

If you only know Odd Future for the ski masks and demented hip-hop, prepare to reevaluate. Here is Frank Ocean.This is a pretty decent joint.Its off his mix/album Nostalgia,Ultra. Not too many people can rock over Hotel California and have you still listening after 30 seconds.I give him props for that.Frank Ocean is Odd Future’s resident R&B crooner. His mix/album’s Nostalgia,Ultra is out now.Its labeled as R&B with an alternative twist.I listened to it and thought it was iiiight.You can download the mix/album: Here
Frank Ocean – American Wedding

***Extra Bonus***
Tyler The Creator – Yonkers On Piano

Uploaded by OFWGKTA on Mar 4, 2011
Just Fucking Around. Filmed By Julian Berman

I’m actually surprised this kid can play the piano.No disrespect.I’m kind of digging these guys in a way.Not really for their lyrical content but their energy.They are funny like watching Bebe’s kids act up on the street while your far away in your window watching.It seems like they are just having fun.Which is what music should be about.These guys are young peoples music.I think I got the wrong impression from the net backlash.Who knows??.This guys making music for other 19 year olds though.So I don’t know why old heads are bashing him all over the net for.Its your kids music home biscuts.I remember when I was that age.I was even more volatile.I just had the original of what he is trying to duplicate in a way.Let the kid have fun.Peace to them.

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