Mustache Of The Month Award… (March 2011) Goes To Issac From The Love Boat

The March 2011 Mustache Of The Month Award
Goes to…………….

The Mustache Of The Month Award is where we chose a man, woman, or idea that “for better or worse,that has shown excellence over the years in the field of rocking a Stache.Which is no easy task.Only a small percentage of people can accomplish this.It is very rare someone can pull one off.That small percentage of humans belong to the 5% Nation Of Staches.

So on that note we honor Isaac from the Love Boat.Who for many years has shown excellence in the fine art of The Mustache .He does no let the mustache wear him,he wears the stache.He also personifies the awesome ability of Mustache macking.(As proven in the clip below)His mustache not only crosses time periods but it crossed the color line.His mustache is a prime example of racial peace.Instead of jealousy and hate his mustache has put men of other colors in awe.And curbed their racial prejudices to the point of racial harmony in their minds and hearts.I believe his Mustache has even won the honorable NAACP award.I’m too lazy too look it up though.

We salute you Isaac.

The Pointer Sisters on ‘Love Boat’

The sisters perform Happy Birthday and He’s So Shy with Isaac

“Isaac’s famous mustache rides made us Fap to the point we had to retire from music for awhile”
-June and Bonnie Pointer-

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