Respect The DJ: DJ Premier vs. Pete Rock – Round 1 (Full Video) (Classic Material)

Two of my all time favorite DJ’s.Even though Pete Rock who was with Rahzel eye fucked or rather eye raped a girl I was with years ago at APT in NYC.A great event that Bobitto hosted.Or he was extremely high and just paranoid.I don’t know.It seemed like his eyes were all the dudes in the movie The Accused, even college boy though.And she was Jodie Foster on the pinball machine.And his eyes were violently having their way with her while we were their.I was kind of high too though.I was on that Charlie Sheen before Charlie Sheen back then.So who knows.He was cool to me though.That is all that matters,I guess.
Too bad this wasn’t in NYC though.A great piece of history I would of went too.

Big ups to the home biscut Justice from ripped this video.
“If you have 2 hours and a quarter of time to spare today, do make sure to check this out. This is the entire video for the Pete Rock vs. DJ Premier set in Japan.This clip is also a bonus from the DVD this was ripped from. Took awhile to upload, so please enjoy!”


Blame it on Justice Equality Supreme (KNOWxONE) | March 07, 2011 |

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