Video Music Box # 5 (Featuring: Jazmin Sullivan, Solange, Esperanza Spalding, Alicia Keys, & Erykah Badu)

The 5th installment of music related videos I find entertaining.With no said date.Meaning it could of came out today or 20 years ago.This time around female soul singers performing covers by various other artists.Which follows up to the last one which was basically a sort of a Female MC themed one

Jazmin Sullivan Live Kiss From A Rose (Seal Cover)

@RealOctave MD Bass

Solange – Destiny (Zero7 and Sia Cover) AOL Blackvoices

Uploaded by amaaani1 on Apr 4, 2009
Solange covers ‘Destiny’ (Zero7 and Sia)
Download as video or mp3 file with

Alicia Keys- Tender Love(Live) Force Md’s Cover

Erykah Badu – No More Trouble (Bob Marley Cover)

Esperanza Spalding – I Can’t Help it (MJ Cover) – Live @ New Morning Paris 2009

Esperanza Spalding, Live @ Le New Morning, Paris, November 24th, 2009.
Song originally written by Stevie Wonder for Michael Jackson

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