Track Of The Day: The Transitions – A Rainy Night (In Harlem) (Throwback)

The Transitions – A Rainy Night (In Harlem)

Its a pretty shitty day out today.The rain and cold air are causing miserable thoughts wherever humans are it seems.But at least its better then the snow in my opinion.The hustle and bustle of people today reminded me of this track.The Transitions to me were kind of a bootleg H-Town from NYC.But overall I thought as much as their album sucked at the same time, it was pretty slept on back in 2001.As much as it had its corny moments like the song Straight Up Fucking.Their was a few gems.In-particular,A Rainy Night In Harlem.Which is these dudes take on the Brook Benton classic Rainy Night in Georgia.I always dug this song since I first heard it randomly in 01.Too bad their album wasn’t entirely special like this song.I actually bought it and used it as a coaster shortly after.Back in the Days was weed plate material.Enjoy the song though.And hopefully its not raining as hard where you are as it is here.

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