Grammy Award “Winning” Producer 9th Wonder shares GREAT advice.

Courtesy Of: IamCoco

Grammy Award Winning Producer 9th Wonder posted a conversation he had with a nameless wise man… I LOVE IT!!! It’s one of the realest things i have read about Hip Hop in a while… don’t just scan the words… READ IT! and LEARN from the message.

A wise man told me to watch yesterday ……”you need to watch Gladiator”. I was like “already seen it”
He said…”no brother, watch it again, because The Gladiator wanted the Republic to be ran by the people and the senate together, not by 1 person, like a King.”
He said “you are a protector of that republic; you don’t want to rule it, u want it to be shared and controlled by the people, and uphold the institution of the Republic, so it can inspire and can be passed to the next generation. Most people that want to make themselves kings aren’t meant to be rulers, and most individuals that the people want to be King don’t want the position, they just want to protect the Republic…and that Republic is Hip-Hop….”
“Hip-Hop cannot have just one King if its gonna live on; there are so many people that want to be the KING of hip-hop, and demand that the people support them, but they give the people nothing to be inspired about, or give them a voice……..”
“People are wasting money on music that doesn’t inspire them to do anything; to love, to fight for what you believe in, to educate, not even to navigate through the streets….”

“Continue to inspire. Continue to tell people that without them, there is no artists. Continue to tell people that they should demand more from artists to make the best music we possibly can, because fans don’t serve you, and you don’t serve the fans… both work together to continue to strengthen the institution of music….and Hip-Hop Culture”….

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