Tragedy Khadafi: The Trag Invasion: Escaping The Matrix, Vol. 1 (Substance Over Form) (Bonus Videos)

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As Unkut Dot Com returns from hiatus, what better way to set things off than the first installment of a new series of regular features written by QB Rap pioneer Tragedy Khadafi…

The Intro

Rising above form and into substance…that’s what this is primarily about. Learning to think outside of the box and for some…outside of the block – as it relates to hip hop and life in general. We are officially in ‘that’ era where virtually anything is possible when applying the right information and utilizing the right kind of power…the people of Egypt manifested an aspect of that raw power in recent times by alleviating what they deemed as their ‘oppressor’, ultimately by acting upon knowledge. Does knowledge equate to power? Not exactly. Sure a lot of us have heard the cliché ‘knowledge is power’…but it’s a lot more to it than that…knowledge is nothing if not properly utilized or put into ACTIVATION. Just how the majority of hip hop is straight ‘zombie-music’ with no life in it because most of the vital information that has been released and or developed over the years is no longer being infused in the music we’re being fed, therefore the only thing where acting upon is MISINFORMATION. This basically means that the misinformation isn’t developing real knowledge for anyone to act upon which will produce real wealth and power in the lives/minds of the listener. And this produces no growth. Growth isn’t or shouldn’t just be equated to what an artist or entertainer in the industry is making dollar wise or generates based on sales. Because that isn’t really a sign of TRUE GROWTH. Just as a person’s wealth can’t be defined by the cars, jewelry, and or clothing they possess. But as stupid as it is, that’s exactly how a lot of us define wealth and growth.

Our whole awareness level is twisted. Just look at ‘our’ economic awareness level – most of us have a juvenile–like fixation with appearances. This fixation or obsession directs us to the misguided decision to chase ‘form over substance’. We are more focused on spending franchise money instead of investing in a franchise. We’d rather cop a Benz instead of purchasing a building. The whole hip-hop generation is being taught to HUSTLE BACKWARDS – THE OPPOSITE OF ADVANCEMENT. Today, self-appointed ‘rap-gods’ are signing deals with master Masons who serve a ‘different’ kind of deity, rap’s elite are openly performing ‘rituals’ and encoding their records with subliminal suggestions towards that of the Anti-Christ while all the while ‘synthetic’ industry gangsters are constantly ‘LYING TO THE POP-DOG (population) LIKE THEY GOT IT’, implanting the mark of the beast via the so-called ‘G-Code’ in the minds of the lost sheep (fans) who are in the midst of the wilderness, struggling to hustle based on ‘primitive’ and out-dated grinds in a desperate attempt to find true guidance in the pursuit of happiness. While billion dollar ‘social-networks’ are being created on the backs of a pre-existing social network called HIP-HOP. Which basically means YOU. True, I will admit that I too represent a ‘G-Code’ meaning ‘G’ as in God and ‘Code’ as in mindset – which in other words means GOD-CONSCIOUS. But the code embedded in me definitely allows me to see through and beyond the MATRIX.
To Be Aware Is To Be Alive

Bottom–line is this…motion is life and stagnation is death in almost any form or situation. Therefore if mere motion is life then advancement and or elevation can be considered a form of higher living. And real advancement can only come by way of or through the ‘womb’ of AWARENESS. Aight be easy…so what if I got a little “scientific” on you…I think I’ve earned that right. I mean let’s keep it ‘official’ – I have only been trying to raise your level of consciousness/awareness for over two decades. I made songs entitled ‘Illuminati’ and ‘Leviathan’ way before the music industry and hip-hop weekly became obsessed with Jay-Z’s alleged initiation into the Masonic Order. I informed the hip-hop world of the existence of shadow governments and ‘principalities in high places’ prior to the onslaught of ‘on-line docs’ like The Arrivals were even thought of. And before the blogs and the like that expose people like Madonna who openly practice the dark arts in their music I spoke of the Pope as well as the Vatican being in line with secret sciences and dark magic (not black magic) before it became popular…oh wait a minute…that particular thing didn’t exactly become ‘popular’ yet. But trust me it will, very soon.

In the past it was the Intelligent Hoodlum album that screamed ‘ARREST THE PRESIDENT’ prior to the ‘frantically stimulating’ propaganda that was perpetuated via the 911 ‘assassinations’. And while the innocent burned alive in those tower’s the American government had the people willingly sign over their rights to privacy and innate ‘freedoms’ so that the ‘BIG IDEA’ or big project called the NEW WORLD ORDER could be ushered in un-challenged by the people. It was within that song where I labeled then-president Bush Senior as ‘THE DRUG DEALER’. Before the real intent behind the Panama Canal came to light. Real–talk – in that moment one of the heads on Leviathan’s beast was being revealed to you…by Tragedy Khadafi. I mean, come on…’Walk With Me’…….Before the ‘rapper’ Ricky Ross made the monarch Free-way Ricky Ross popular among rap fans and congress woman Maxine Water’s helped to bring to light the whole C.I.A’s involvement with the ‘real’ Ricky Ross’s cocaine distribution empire I was spittin’ il-uminous – jewels on how the C.I.A invented crack and used the residuals produced from the manufacturing, production and distribution of DRUGS to fund terrorist attacks and assassinations in so-called third-world countries.

What’s going on with our awareness–level fam? I will tell you…just like how in hip-hop every couple of years the music ‘dumbs–down’ more and more life reflects the same mirror image the minds of people are becoming numbed and dumbed–down more and more…so that they will remain blind…chasing ‘il-lucinations’ instead of actual CHANGE! Putting form or ‘appearance’ over actual substance so that their lives become ‘sub-stance-less’. Because, if in essence you don’t stand for something you will fall for…anything! As its been proven time and time again….this makes it easy for a government that’s as greasy as a gas station mop to constantly violate your rights as well as the rights of the entire world. O.K., so now we come to the questions of where am I going with all of this? And how is this relevant to Hip-Hop, awareness and hustling–backwards?

I think its type – self-explanatory. All that’s transpiring in our lives or in life itself is a direct result of where our minds are…this is basic mathematics or CAUSE AND EFFECT. True in the past I screamed arrest the president…but in the bigger picture he’s just a pawn in comparison to the ‘real’ hands that rule government and ultimately shape the minds of the people via their media. Today it’s more so about ‘arresting’ your own mind and re-defining your life in a more realistic sense…the game is supposed to go up …not down .

Stay tuned for more articles like this one as well as the soon to be released book ‘Hustler’s Blue-Print’. Shout out to DJ Phantom.

***Bonus Videos***

Intelligent Hoodlum (Tragedy Khadafi) – Arrest The President

From 1990 Album: “Intelligent Hoodlum”.

Excerpt From Tragedy:Story Of Queensbridge …(Capone & Noreaga)

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