Summer Williams – Boom Bap Soul Vol. 1 (Free Download) (Bonus: Video & Photography)

I’m really feeling this album.Summer Williams can truly sing.She has great lyrics and the album in itself was put together very well.I was reading the description and gave it a chance because I wanted to hear her rock over Shook Ones by Mobb Deep.Plus I cant even front the cover pulled me in too.I got stuck in a duh moment while looking at it.But anyway 🙂 I got lost in the moment and realized I was like 5 tracks into the album.That rarely happens to me anymore.Which means I must like this.She not only rocks over classic beats by Mobb Deep, but Nas and LL Cool J as well.It has somewhat of a classic mix-tape vibe to it.It transported me back to the 90’s when we were listening to early DJ Clue blend tapes at moments.Which was really cool.But at the same time as having the mix-tape vibe she has album vibe to this as well.So don’t let the term mix-tape stop you from listening.She has some original production soul, RnB,and jazzy cuts on it too.So when the moments are through that feel like a mix-tape you are transported into a very soulful album as well.I truly recommend this.

The movement has begun! Hip Hop Soul is back with a daring, new sound!
Thanks in advance for your support! Stay soultry!

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It is hard to fathom that there is such an artist like the 21-Year Old Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Producer Summer Williams. Unlike most vocalists in her age range, she combines the influence of legendary vocalists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, and Sarah Vaughn, the soulful yet hard rock swag of the mid 90’s “Hip Hop Soul” movement, and a deep sultry voice that would excite the holiest of the holy. Her mixture of classic stylistics from at least a generation back along with her sensual undertones have earned the young songstress a legion of fans in accompany to a wealth of appraise that clearly indicates that she is next up to join the line of legendary urban vocalists.

Summer grew up in a naturally musical background. The fruit of a both gospel and classical singing mother and a musician father, Summer was happy to take on traits from both genes. She grew up listening to her gospel influences soon expanded to including those classic soul greats such as Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder. “I remember one day, I was in the kitchen with my mother while she was singing His Eye Is on the Sparrow, and I said Mommy, I want to learn how to sing. I was four. She was so happy and surprised. Little did she know I already knew how” Williams beams. At the age of twelve, Williams placed runner-up in a hometown Child Talent Search. She lost to an older, more experienced singer and yet the audience and judges were still shocked at the amount of age and power in such a petite young girl. From that point on, Williams went on to earn her stripes and acclaim in more community talent competitions and school talent shows. Soon she became known as the “little girl with the big voice”.

From the local shows to mainstream recognition, Summer Williams remains a potent force to be reckoned with in urban music. Along with her heavy jazz and gospel influence, Summer has a strong appreciation for some of the most beloved acts in Hip Hop lore such as, Mos Def, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu Tang Clan, Talib Kweli, Jay Z, and Nas. Because of her taking to some of the more legendary acts in Hip Hop history, Summer Williams brings a dangerous wild card to all faux “R&B singers” not quite seen since the “What’s the 411?” days of Mary J. Blige; a unique blend of 90’s esque boom bap cuts and soul wrenching, sultry records that gives her a distinct lane that will get the dopest emcees begging for collabos and the greatest of vocalists, giving up just due.

Like some of the greatest singer-songwriters in music history, the most intriguing points of listening to Summer Williams’ music are the actual messages behind the melody. “Goodbye Love, Hello Love” could potentially be a sad song, yet Williams encourages her listeners to move on and make room for the new person in their lives, without feeling malice for the old. “All I wanna say” shows a rather interesting take on the frustrations of a woman who has a man who won’t take COMMAND in the sack…but to top it all off…she sings about these sexual frustrations with the sweetest melody over bleak and gutter drums of the 1995 Hip Hop Classic “Shook Ones Part Two” by Mobb Deep….YEAH. SHE’S DAT REAL.

In regards to her amazing range Summer adds, “I get kind of embarrassed sometimes when people hear the kick or beat in these acapella songs I do. Yes, I’m a girl and yes, I can sing lower than you, and probably your father too! But you know what? It makes me unique!” Whether it’s her surprising range, her stark lyricism, or her beautiful collage of harmonies that puts her over the top, Summer Williams is well equipped to make a huge dent in this stale and monotonous industry. She knows what she has and she is ready to make a long lasting impact in music history. “God has blessed me in more ways than I can imagine. I have the opportunity to make a lasting imprint on this earth, and I’m not stopping until I can scrape the sky!”


In the studio-“Baby No More”

Summer Williams Photoshoot







Photography by Emmanuel Rosario

For any booking information or inquiries please contact:
Artist Management
Carly Sininsky

If you wish to send your beats to Summer Williams please contact
Derrick Aroh

For inquiries about recording and production please contact
William Tolentino

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  1. Leslie Reese says:

    I just read this quote, what do you think” Without passion, you do not have energy; without energy, you have nothing. Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion. Ps your RSS feed isnt working right at this moment?

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