Lady Sings The Blues: Maimouna Youssef – Black Magic Woman The EP

Maimouna Youssef is a Grammy Nominated singer/ songwriter/ emcee/ producer/ dedicated to the preservation of music as a healing tool.Her credits include working with Grammy winners The Roots.

Maimouna,Though raised on jazz and soul music, Youssef discovered hip-hop at an early age. “I used to have to MC so I could play with my older brother and his friends,” she says. “They’d sit outside freestyling and beat-boxing, and I wasn’t allowed outside because I was younger. I was 8 and he was 11, so I would practice rhyming so I could go outside and sit on the steps with them.”

Her basic education was as diverse as her musical one. She was homeschooled by her mother and aunt for most of her life, first in Baltimore and later in Virginia, where her family moved in 1997. She entered Washington’s Duke Ellington School of the Arts two years later to hone her vocals. She graduated last June and spent the summer dabbling in filmmaking at the New York Film Academy, where she directed her first short film and music video.

Black Magic Woman: The EP
by Maimouna Youssef

Black Magic Woman is Maimouna Youssef’s first solo EP. It includes 6 total tracks infused with interviews by Marcus J. Moore, writer and music critic for Okay Player, The Washington City and others. It includes production by Mark Henry, DJ Dummy, Nottz and Maimouna Youssef.

released 01 March 2011
All lead vocals: Maimouna Youssef
All songs written and arranged by Maimouna Youssef
All Interviews by Marcus J. Moore and Maimouna Youssef
Executive Producer: Amer Ahmed
Producer: Maimouna Youssef
Photos by Loves Life Photography
Graphic design by Alex Schein

Management by The Adinkra Group
Contact Diallo Sumbry at 202.286.2688

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