Fat Beats Record Store Is Opening A Pop-Up Store In Brooklyn Next Week (Bonus Videos Including: A Breif History, Tour, A Retrospective, Fat Beats Wall of Fame, Roc Raida in Fat Beats, Natural Elements In-Store, Jean Grae & Talib Kweli Live, Fat Beats NY Freestyle Cypha W/ Planet Asia, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Brown Bag AllStars, DJ Premier on the 1’s and 2’s @ The Closing)

Fat Beats Is Opening A Pop-Up Store In Brooklyn Next Week
By Rob Harvilla Of The Village Voice

(And here’s what it’ll look like)

The September shuttering of deified NYC record store Fat Beats was a somber occasion for hip-hop fanatics nationwide, the definitive marking of the end of an underground-rap era, a sad sign of the times that surprised no one and depressed everyone. (The tiny West Village spot’s going-away party was pretty great, though, if you managed to get in.) Fatbeats.com lives on, though, and now comes word that every so often they’ll invite everyone to Brooklyn for a little party at their warehouse.

“FB BK is an event, which we will be holding once a month, during which we will make a section of our BK warehouse available to the public as a retail space,” the Fat Beats braintrust tells us. “FB BK will be reminiscent of the atmosphere and energy that the NY and LA stores once exuded. We have DJs of note spinning throughout the day, such as DJ Evil Dee, DJ Spinna, and Rich Medina.” The first such fete happens next Saturday, March 5, from noon to 8 p.m., giving vinyl obsessives citywide a chance to catch up with old friends and see what that Madlib’s been up to lately; April’s party will probably be Record Store Day-themed, of course. Fat Beats’ warehouse is at 110 Bridge Street in Brooklyn, on the third floor, and clearly they’ve gussied it up for you. Do drop by.

Thanks to Phillip Mlynar for the info.

I spent much of my teenage years into my 20’s in Fat Beats.Whether I was getting records,flyers for shows,or just talking shit.Fat Beats was and will always be in my heart.I’ve seen and met so many artists its crazy.I should really do a blog about it.I got some crazy stories(way too much to put in here0The best part is knowing them before they blew.So when it closed I was saddened.It was definitely the end of a era.So I’m glad they are bringing it back in some shape or form.I’ll definitely support.Shout out to DJ Eclipse for holding it down.He was always very cool and supportive whether it was letting us put flyers in their for shows.Or selling our mixes.I included some pretty good highlight videos below that I found about Fat Beats.Including a bio,tour,Premier spinning and more.I couldn’t really find any footage that I remember like 90’s and early 2g footage.But all the footage brought back some good memories of just seeing the store in full effect.Enjoy and if your in NY next week,come out and support.And make sure to hit up fatbeats.com for your vinyl and music needs.

****Bonus Videos****

Fat Beats – What is Fat Beats (a brief history)

Fat Beats established in 1994. This clip includes select in-stores, television appearences & live shows.
The Last Stop 4 Hip Hop
R.I.P. Big L

Tour Fat Beats NY with DJ Eclipse

Take a tour through the iconic New York City record store Fat Beats with DJ Eclipse.

FAT BEATS: A Retrospective

RJM MEDIA’s Raven the Blazin Eurasian talks with artists about their memories of Fat Beats Records outside of Fat Beats NYC on their last day of business. (9.4.10)

The Fat Beats Wall of Fame

This way these guys will be up on that wall forever!

Roc Raida in Fat Beats

Roc Raida in Fat Beats (Resin Power)

Natural Elements – In-Store @ Fat Beats NY 12/15/09

Natural Elements – In-Store @ Fat Beats NY for 1999: 10 Year Anniversary Album 12/15/09
Album in stores now: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/1999…

Jean Grae & Talib Kweli Live @ Fat Beats NY Performing “Say Something”

Jean Grae & Talib Kweli performing “Say Something” live @ Fat Beats NY for Jean & 9th Wonder’s “Jeanius Limited Edition Release.” “Jeanius” is in stores now, go cop that!!!

Fat Beats NY Freestyle Cypha W/ Planet Asia, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Brown Bag AllStars

J57 cooked up some DOPE ass beats & Planet Asia, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Brown Bag AllStars’ members KONCEPT & Soul Khan did their thing over them. Shouts to The Audible Doctor on the turntables! Video by DJ SAV*ONE @ THEUNDERGROUNDCOMEUP.COM

DJ Premier on the 1’s and 2’s (Part 1 of 3) @ Fat Beats, NYC (The Final Day)

DJ Premier (of Gang Starr) spinning some records on the turntables. This is Part 1 of 3, of his set. At Fat Beats, NYC’s final day of being open for business. Saturday, 9/4/10. R.I.P. Fat Beats.

DJ Premier on the 1’s and 2’s (Part 2 of 3) @ Fat Beats, NYC (The Final Day)

DJ Premier on the 1’s and 2’s (Part 3 of 3) @ Fat Beats, NYC (The Final Day)

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