Charlie Sheen On Howard Stern (March 1st 2011) (Bonus: Charlie Sheen On Twitter Winning)


Charlie Sheen – The Howard Stern Show 3-01-2011 Part 1

Charlie Sheen – The Howard Stern Show 3-01-2011 Part 2

Charlie Sheen – The Howard Stern Show 3-01-2011 Part 3


Charlie Sheen’s follower count has continued to skyrocket since joining Twitter late Tuesday afternoon, but as of this writing, he’s only following ten people. Who are they?

**UPDATE**: The following count has swelled to 16. See the bottom of the article for who got added to the chosen few.

The first person he followed was Bob Maron, whose Twitter page link,, sends viewers to an online watch store. So Charlie is always on time.
Next came Bree Olson, the porn name of one of his two goddess girlfriends. She’s available for bookings.
Check Out: Bree Olson In Action

Up third, Omid Ashtari, who has a particular penchant for tweeting celebrities.

Batting cleanup, Chris Ovitz, Director of Business Development at, an online service that connects celebrities with twitter endorsement opportunities. He and Sheen are probably just friends.

Fifth, Alyssa Milano, fellow celebrity and hardcore baseball fan. She received her first baby gifts today. They weren’t from Sheen, though this is quite an honor in itself.
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Next, Howard Stern, who interviewed Sheen on Tuesday. Charlie called him special.
CNN host Piers Morgan is seventh. Sheen sat down for an interview with the British journalist on Monday.

Wynner Mitchell, the woman who says she first convinced Sheen to join Twitter Monday morning, is eighth. She has a long-time friendship with Sheen. When he followed her, she instantly got 500 new followers. #winning.

Mitchell’s friend, Cat Schwartz, was Sheen’s ninth follow. The pair went to his office on Tuesday.

Tenth, Rick Calamaro, Sheen’s assistant. He seems to have just joined, too; he has no picture, and only one tweet: a retweet of Sheen’s first tweet. Good assistant. He follows only Sheen and Maro, and has over 1100 followers.
In the overnight hours, Sheen began adding more follows.

First came fellow star Diddy, who begged Sheen to party with him. Sheen tweeted that he was sending him a car. No word on what the two did last night.

Then, Charlie’s baseball fandom began to kick in. He added Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher, who is known as quite the character. That was followed by Brian Wilson, the eccentric San Francisco Giants closer who has grown close to Sheen in the last year, even joining him on his yacht to watch movies. A taped conversation between the two would probably trump and written script.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather came next — he sent Sheen a supportive tweet earlier in the night. And also tweeted, “I really like @CharlieSheen in “The Chase”… sex while driving is unbelievable.” So they have a lot in common, it seems.
Beloved international rock star Fred Durst made it to the list after spending the night tweeting how much of a winner he believed Sheen to be and requesting his assistant for a follow.

Finally, for now, comedian Paul Scheer, whose supportive tweets like, “Christmas has come early this year @charlieheen is on twitter. Say Buh-bye to losers. It’s time to start winning!” and “@charliesheen Oscars should be called Charlies,” which Sheen retweeted, may or may not have been earnest.

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