A Breath Of Fresh Air: King – The Story EP

King – The Story EP

1. The Story
A. Strother/P. Strother
Lead and background vocals by Amber Strother and Anita Bias
All instruments and production by Paris Strother

2. Supernatural
A. Strother/P. Strother
Lead and background vocals by Amber Strother
All instruments and production by Paris Strother except: Horns by the Regiment Horns

3. Hey
A. Bias/P. Strother
Lead and background vocals by Anita Bias
All instruments and production by Paris Strother except: Guitar by Kyle Bolden

KING is a soulful, organic trio of young women here to bring a fresh creativity to music and change the world through their art.

THE STORY began on an August afternoon in Los Angeles, or in a winter rehearsal session in Boston, or in April 1986 in Minneapolis, depending on how you define destiny.

Twins Paris and Amber Strother began their musical journey by listening to favorites of their parents together from the crib, and once they were able to crawl found their way to the piano. Amber nurtured her gift for singing by absorbing everything musical around her, and in turn developed an intricate, magical tone and one-of-a-kind voice, as well as a unique skill for composition and songwriting. Through exploring a melting pot of artists, genres, musical ideas and movements, Paris found her own personal voice for the keys. The twins spent years unknowingly ripening their craft of writing together until they parted ways and left Minneapolis, with Amber to pursue studies in Chicago and Paris to enroll at music school in Boston where…

A chance meeting with a young woman with a golden voice and incredible ear changed her life. Los Angeles native Anita Bias had fallen in love with music and art as a young girl, and spent years cultivating her voice, imaginative and vivid songwriting, and creative styling. Their Boston encounter stayed fresh in the minds of both, and when fate brought Paris to California and reunited them years later at a club in Los Angeles, they knew it was the start of something special.

During Amber’s first trip to LA and the living room session that followed, the three realized that they were born to create together. At the first show of the unofficial and then-unnamed band, they, along with the audience, were said to have seen fireworks in the air. The unique blend of voices, engaging harmony, and detailed songwriting the group exhibited came completely naturally to them. Amber, who had been since moved back to Minneapolis, sent for her belongings. KING was born.
THE STORY EP is KING’s debut project, wherein all songs are written by Paris, Amber, and Anita, and fully produced by Paris. THE STORY, SUPERNATURAL, and HEY are the result of a year’s worth of loving and learning, experiencing and experimenting, and ultimately finding the music within themselves.

Check out their website: http://www.weareking.com

KING-The Story

Original video created and handmade by KING- Paris Strother, Amber Strother and Anita Bias.
Lead and Background vocals by Amber Strother and Anita Bias, all instruments and production by Paris Strother.
The Story EP coming Spring 2011!
Mixed by Kenneth “KT” Townsend for Orchestra Boy Productions, Mastered by Stephanie Villa at Stephen Marsh Mastering

For more info:

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