Flashback – Redman MTV Cribs

The second best cribs episode ever made.The first which I can not find for the life of me.And just happened to catch randomly on tv back in the day.Was the Outsidaz episode back in the day.It was classic Jersey shenanigans.But Redmans episode was up their with with his deodorant commercials as far as just bugged out.It was funny to see a huge weed head doing deodorant commercials I guess.But anyway I never liked Cribs.It wasn’t even a jealousy thing.I just found it sad and thought it proved the rest of the world right about America and ignorance.And who really cares what these people buy or how they live.But it was hard not to get stuck watching an episode throughout the years.It was painful to watch these celebrities fronting with this and fronting with that etc.It was a nice change of pace to see Redman on an episode.And watch how he wasn’t affected by his success and lived smart as musician. That was involved in grimy market and a shady record business.Plus it was great to see him just living on some regular New Jersey Joe shit like we were doing.I remember meeting Redman way back in the day at the Livingston Mall out in Jersey.We were all in Foot Locker and he was clowning on his boys feet while he was getting sneakers.I think he said his foot looked like Kunta Kinta’s or something.Long story short he seemed pretty funny and he was humble enough to actually send his boy to their car and hit us off with some promo items forhis second album Dare Iz A Darkside.


The 2 songs that turned me into a Redman fan back in the day.

EPMD Feat. K-Solo & Redman – The Head Banger

LP “Business Never Personal” 1992

Redman – Tonight’s The Night (Uncut)

From 1992 Album: “Whut Thee Album”…..

Redman’s Site:

Get Redman’s Music:

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