Flashback: Marc Ecko’s Save The Rhino’s Event, Summer 2005 (Central Park NYC)

Ecko’s Save The Rhino’s event, Summer 2005

Video montage of Mark Ecko’s Save The Rhino’s concert at NYC’s Central Park Summer Stage during Summer 2005. Features: DJ Premier, Smif N Wessun, Sean Price, Buckshot, MF Doom, De La Soul, Mos Def, Sadat X, Dres, and The Roots.

This was a cool show.Pretty much my only gripes were that it was basically 120 degrees that that day with the humidity.Plus the line getting in took way too long.Which really sucked.But after awhile it was pretty cool.I started chopping it up with a female security guard.The uncool part I lost ther number.And with that the security of a good relationship that could of been:( And unlike previous Summer Stage events instead of Heineken they went the tailor park route with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.At that point in my life it wasn’t really that it was Pabst instead of Heineys.It was the fact that they were charging Heiney prices for that camel piss.Plus I had a crazy night that led into this day. I got no sleep and was out drinking with some random tourist from Colorado till 10am that morning.I just remember she was loud,whiny and short.But very cute.But anyway I was pretty dehydrated and hung over in the beginning.So after about 5 Pabsts that called my name I started to feel better.And despite those set backs I had a good time.The Bootcamp did a short 20 minute set as I recall.I was pretty tossed up from the combo of the heat and the nefarious Pabst Blue Ribbon though..Plus its been 6 years so my memory is a little off.I know Premier threw down a nice set.De La killed it.It was nice to see Dres,Sadat and Doom pop up wit them.I was wearing shorts and even beyond drinking Pabst I was hot as hell.I don’t know how Doom wore a mask and jacket in that heat.Maybe he was on the Pabst too.Or better yet a a motherfucking Jeffery.I don’t know.More power to him to not be affected by Lucifer type temperatures.The Roots were great like always I imagine.I was bent as hell by the time The Roots came on though .Plus for some reason on my Pabst runs I got cool with the guy selling the T-shirts for this event.Long story short I walked out the show with 150 bills and a few shirts.So the entire time unfortunately The Roots were playing I was hustling with them as my background soundtrack..

When the show finished the crowd was still intact.Which was cool.Being that it was a Roots show their were many eclectic ladies of all shades and nationalities floating around.My boy Shad and I mingled.Then we made our way into where the artists were by the tailors that were set up behind the stage.Long story short again we chopped it up with a few Australian ladies,Black Thought and Mos Def. And I have a vague recollection of talking to Premo and running into Bobitto and D-Stroy from The Arsonists..So in the end the I had a great time.And it was awesome to find this footage on youtube.It brought back a lot of memories and also let me experience a few things that I missed because of the dreaded Pabst.

(Fonzi thumbs)

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2 Responses to Flashback: Marc Ecko’s Save The Rhino’s Event, Summer 2005 (Central Park NYC)

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice article man, i was at this event.

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