Kanye West – Blame Game (Unofficial Video) (Directed by Yonie) (Bonus: Pace Won & Mr. Green – Can You Hear Me (A Tribute to the People of Tunisia)

Beautifully done fan made video.Director Yonie visualizes another Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy single.

by yonie.ethiopian.love

**WORLD PREMIERE** A YONIE VISUAL. KANYE WEST “BLAME GAME” MUSIC VIDEO. If you enjoy, please share on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email, etc.

I didn.t think the video matched the song as far as content.The song is suppose to be about 2 people who love each other but hate each other and cheat and make each other worse people…But nevertheless the video was pretty


“Can You Hear Me?” by Pace Won and Mr. Green directed by Sam Lipman-Stern

This is the official music video to the Pace Won and Mr. Green song “Can You Hear Me? (A Tribute to the People
of Tunisia).”

Directed by Sam Lipman-Stern of
Young and Balding Productions

Pace Won and Mr. Green’s new album “The Only Number
That Matters is Won” is coming this summer on Raw Poetix
Records featuring guest appearances from Snoop Dogg and Lee Scratch Perry.

There’s a lot of civil unrest going on in the world today. At this point, I’d hope most people are abreast to what’s been going on in Egypt, however the current revolution in Tunisia hasn’t gotten all that much attention ( get caught up here , or check an unbiased news source of your choosing.

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