No Gnus is Good Gnus with Gary Gnu (Breaking News: Lil Kim’s Plastic Surgery,MTV’s Skin’s Adds Controversial Star, Bruno Mars and B.O.B murdered, Taylor The Creator Of Odd Future Sought, Kanye West Epilepsy Warning, Bruce Lee & Brad Pitt’s Mentally Challenged Siblings,2011 Grammy Disaster With Anne Hathaway And James Franco, Kim Kardashian & The Controversial Billboard For Abortion Targeting African Americans In NYC, & Lindsay Lohan Partying With Somalian Pirates)

No Gnus is Good Gnus (with Gary Gnu)
(From The Great Space Coaster)
Gary Gnu – A gnu newscaster who does a show each episode and is well known for his catchphrase, “No Gnews is Good Gnews with Gary…Gnu”. He would add a guttural “g” sound to the beginning of any word he spoke which normally began with an “n”, such as “gnews” for “news” and “gnaturally” for “naturally”. Whenever introduced by either Goriddle Gorilla or Knock Knock, the introduction is always, “And Now For Something Really Gnew, Here’s Gary Gnu.” The only difference is that Goriddle always says “WOW!” each time he introduces Gary Gnu. Gary always begins by saying, “This Is Gary Gnu. And The No Gnews Is Good Gnews Show. The Only TV Gnews Program Guaranteed To Contain No Gnews Whatsoever.”
For more info:
Jack Johnson – The Gnus

MTV show Skins adds controversial older star…….
In a effort to boost ratings MTV announced today that controversial 80’s figure Mr. Potato Head would join the young cast of Skins.The controversy first broke when Potato Head’s mustache was linked as a stunt Stache for porn Legend Ron Jeremy in such films as…. Read… More

Kanye West video an ‘epilepsy risk’…….
The latest video from hip-hop star Kanye West could cause epileptic seizures, experts have warned.

Epilepsy Action said the extensive use of flashing images in the video which also features the Poindexter,Lewis,Gilbert,and Booger could trigger seizures in some people.
The video has received almost 5 million hits on YouTube since its premiere last weekend.Experts at Cambridge Research Systems found the video contained flashes at a rate high enough to trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.According to Ofcom regulations, the video should not be broadcast on UK television but there are no such rules governing online. A spokeswoman for Epilepsy Action said the charity had contacted YouTube to ask that they remove it. Read… More

Mentally handicapped relatives the new “IT” in Hollywood…….
Made famous in the 1970’s by Bruce Lee and his brother Niggard Lee. The company of mentally retarded family member’s in your entourage is on the rise in Hollywood once again.Being hailed as “vintage retard” Brad Pitt apparently is leading the new trend.
Pictured above Brad and his brother Stu Pitt are about to break all the rules. Read… More

Disaster hits the set of The 2011 Grammys…….
Apparently James Franco got into some hot water. He unluckily got lost and stuck in a canyon for 127 hours with Co-star Ann Hathaway.And then allegedly groped her with his mangled arm and hand that he had to bite off. Read… More

The cute little girl in the controversial billboard in NYC targeting African American’s has been removed…….

Apparently the little girl and her parents weren’t made aware that the photo was gonna be used for abortion ads.The company that sponsored the ad pulled it with out a problem.When reached for comment the company released this statement.”We dropped the add and the billboard with respect for the little girl and her family.During that time we realized that Kim Karashian’s womb is and was a greater threat to African American males and we quickly redesigned the billboard for our new campaign….Read… More

Internet sensation Tyler The Creator from the group Odd Future sought by police…….

Taylor The Creator of the internet sensation Odd Future is being sought by authorities in connection with the tragic deaths of musical acts Bruno Mars and B.o.B. Late last night B.o.B.s plane was tragically hijacked and crashed into the ground from the nights sky like shooting stars? Hours later Grammy nominated singer Bruno Mars could of really used a wish right now when he was fatally stabbed to death in his esophagus.In no time the lyrics to Taylor The Creators song Yonkers was brought to the attention of the FBI.Where he is quoted as saying…
” i’ll crash that f-ckin’ airplane at that faggot n-gga b.o.b is in
and stab bruno mars in his goddamn esophagus
and won’t stop until the cops come in”
-Taylor The Creator –
Within hours after receiving that information authorities then received a huge surprise when these photos were leaked online
Further implicating Taylor Of Odd Future……Read… More

Lil Kim’s controversial new plastic surgery….

Lil Kim is no rookie from going under the knife.But her controversial new surgery has surgeons around the world in shock.Late last week to coincide with her Black Friday mix cd release she went under extremely dangerous vaginal reconstruction surgery.Being dubbed as “The Nikki Va-naj-a…………Read… More

Last but no least.

After watching Pirates Of The Caribbean in Rehab Lindsay Lohan sought political asylum in Somalia….
Lindsay Lohan issued a statement today bashing The United States.She denounced the country stating it was too soft for her.And also by saying “Let me live my life”.” to party”.”Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me” …Read… More

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