Free Download: Jae Franklin – Universal Language: Prelude 1 & 2

Jae Franklin is getting set to release her full album, Always Needed You on March 1st.Check out her bandcamp page March 1st to download it for free.
The Always Needed You LP features “Is There Any Love” from The Universal Language: Prelude 2 EP. She dropped that in November for free.She also has another free EP called Universal Language: Prelude 1 that I added as a bonus down below.Enjoy these EP’s, as a taste of whats to come.And make sure to hit up her bandcamp page
March 1st when she drops her first full length LP “Always Needed You” for free.

Universal Language: Prelude 2

Universal Language: Prelude 2 is the sophomore promotional EP for Jae Franklin. Her first release included such classics as Herbie Hancock’s “Butterfly” along with originally written favorites like “Beautiful Soul” and “Costa Biscaya” among others. Because of influences from downtempo, son cubano, and soul music, she has been called the “Soprano Sade Adu”.

After a self-imposed break and a bit of self-reflection, Jae returns with an urban adult contemporary EP with the socially-charged and very personal original songs, “Vernas & Vedras” and “Always Needed You”, among other songs on the EP.

This project and its tracks present a full view of global issues, including natural disasters and social injustice.

The first track, Nigerian legend Fela Kuti’s “Look and Laugh”, introduces the theme for this project. Franklin’s vocals can be heard well into the intro track expressing thoughts on her music, the world, and the arts. This track is not a far departure from the sound of Universal Language: Prelude 1, but does delve further into her musical taste. In “Vernas and Vedras”, produced by music pioneers 4hero, Jae explores the issue of casteism in India and does so while delivering soprano vocals reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan.

She follows script on Jamiroquai’s “Morning Glory” but departs towards the end and adds her signature angelic vocal arrangements comparable to a great Maxwell record. The music in the subsequent interlude, taken from Common’s “Like Water for Chocolate” album, pays homage to the great revolutionary and political activist Fela Kuti. Well into this interlude, Jae shares an excerpt of an interview circa early 2010 in which she openly discusses a range of topics. “Is There Any Love” is a duet with Trevor Dandy, a gospel and funk musician. On this track, Jae writes a compelling verse about recent natural disaster devastation, particularly in New Orleans, Burma and Asia. Their voices make an interesting pairing.

Focusing on the subjects of personal relationships and love, the next two tracks are very personal for Jae. The cinematic vibe of “U R” comes from Cafe del Mar’s “My Life is Like a Movie”. Exquisitely arranged strings, chimes, horns, and percussion are introduced, followed by vocals a few counts before the bass drops and the groove sets in with the first verse. Lyrically, this song explores the strained relationship between two relatives. “Always Needed You” is unequivocally Jae’s personal favorite. Breezewax’s brilliant remix of Little Dragon’s “Twice”, can best be described as haunting and moving. The lyrics are revealing and explore the depths of unconditional love. Jae’s vocals blend remarkably well with the music and her arrangements emote increasing heartfelt sentiments toward the true love of her life, especially during the final measures of the song.

Universal Language: Prelude 2 is a conceptual sophomore promotional EP responsible for expressing a new point of view in a changing social landscape.

released 19 November 2010
Mixed and Mastered by Sa-Ra at The Syne Recording Studio
Press: Erik Tubbs (

Universal Language: Prelude 1

Universal Language: Prelude 1 is the first promotional project for Jae Franklin. This project and its tracks present a full view of social woes in America, including war, racism, and inner city decay while also relating to love and being personal in nature.

The first track, John Morale’s extended remix to Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You”, introduces the soul elements to be heard throughout the project and features mostly instrumentals and a few bars of vocals. Jae recorded “Butterfly”, one of the standout tracks, as a tribute to Herbie Hancock. “Addis” was built around the nom-de-spin of pioneering producer Phil Mison. “Beautiful Soul” is very personal in nature and her soprano texture is woven beautifully within the classical piano arrangement played by Hibiki Ayano. “Costa Biscaya” has a carnal energy and is built around the production of Phil Mison yet again.

Universal Language: Prelude 1 is a project that encourages you to travel wherever the music takes you.
released 05 May 2010
Mixed and Mastered by Sa-Ra at The Syne Recording Studio
Press: Erik Tubbs (


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