Former Jay-Z protégé Tru Life Sentenced To 8 Years

Former Jay-Z protégé Tru Life has reached a plea deal with Manhattan prosecutors that will land the rapper in jail for eight years, MTV News has learned.

The New York native was offered a deal last week stemming from a 2009 incident that resulted in the stabbing death of a 20-year-old man, Christopher Guerrero. Tru Life, born Roberto Rosado, and his brother Marcus Rosado were accused of the crime, but the rapper pleaded down to second-degree gang assault, while Marcus pleaded to first-degree manslaughter and will serve 10 years behind bars.

“Robert and Marcus Rosado accepted responsibility today for their role in the tragic incident that occurred in June 2009,” the brothers’ attorneys, Alan M. Abramson and Joel S. Cohen, told MTV News in a statement. “They wish to express their deepest sympathies to the Guerrero family, and it is their hope that by accepting responsibility they can bring some measure of closure to the family.”

The altercation took place June 15, 2009, after Tru Life and Guerrero exited New York nightclub Pacha. Court documents reveal that Guerrero died later as a result of a stabbing, and a second man, who was allegedly involved in the scuffle, was hospitalized for stab wounds.

Tru Life was once slated to be a cornerstone of Jay-Z’s then-burgeoning Latin-orientated Roc La Familia, along with Texas rapper Aztec, but the Puerto Rican rapper never released a project under the label.

Tru Life- New New York

Its a shame.Like Deniro said in Bronx Tale….
“The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.If you’ve got talent and do the wrong thing, nothing happens.But when you do right,good things happen.” I thought dude was gonna blow up after that track.I thought it was crazy at the time.I remember always hearing about him from dudes from The L.E.S..I ran into his cousin (or someone who said he was) one day at a bar in The L.E.S. shortly after he dropped The New New York.He said that he was signing with Jay-Z.Then I really thought he was gonna blow on some Pun steez.I guess dude is one of the few exceptions and really lives what he raps about.For better or for worse.Not a bad sentence for 1st degree manslaughter though.

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