J*DaVeY – Evil Christian Cop (2011) (FreEP) (Featuring The Nirvana Cover Of Smells Like Teen Spirit) (Bonus Videos: JDavey versus Ellen DeGeneres In 2007 & J*DaVeY Performing Dollar Or More on Ellen DeGeneres TV Show In 2008)

J*DaVeY – Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes

J*DaVeY has earned some Gowhere shine in the past and here they are again with their new EP, Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes. This is a 5-track release that is available for FREE above for a limited time only. The L.A. duo continue to deliver a fresh and unique sound that caught my attention in the first place with the previous project, and prelude to ECC, Boudoir Synema. The EP’s first track is an ear-catching cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, which has been raising some eyebrows during their live shows. Simply put, J*DaVeY’s female vocals give the classic a completely new feel that I was diggin’ on the very first listen. The other four tracks are all original and contain a really dark vibe of electronica and pop that is a combination rarely heard and successfully executed. My favorite track out of that batch is “Raincheck” – a relatable tale about relationships. From beginning to end though, Evil Christian Cop is a different, yet awesome soundtrack to rock with and if you haven’t heard them before, you’re in for a surprise. ECC is also the prelude to the group’s upcoming major label debut, New Designer Drug. Until then, catch J*DaVeY on a nationwide tour with Blu, as they’ll be invading The Shrine here in Chicago on April 9th. Lookin’ forward to catching that show live, especially after vibing with Evil Christian Cop above. Check it out and enjoy!

Review By Sgt. Tibs Of chicagonow.com


JDavey versus Ellen DeGeneres (2007)

Ellen had a car accident and could not dance on her show’s opening. So she asked her Assistant Music Producer, Briana Cartwright, aka J Davey, to stand in for her. The results are funky and hilarious!

J*DaVeY Performing on Ellen
Uploaded by audibletreats on Sep 9, 2008

J*DaVeY performing their latest single “Dollar or More” on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Fun Fact: Jack used to work at the Ellen show back in the day!

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