Track Of The Day : Yak Ballz – Mixtape (Bonus : New Music From The Cold War Kids Feat Sir Michael Rocks, Blu, Radiohead, Malcolm & Martin, Mr. J. Medeiros, & Gil Scott Heron & Jamie xx)

Design by Oliver Cartwright.

Dedicated to South Korea

The official second installment of Gas Galaxy entitled Mixtape (Prod. by Chapter 7).

I’ve never been a huge Yak Balllz(pause)fan.Except for a track or two here and their since I heard him on Bobbito for the first time.Maybe cause every time I’ve ever met him I was tripping and he kind of bugged me out when I talked to him.I don’t know if it was the drugs.But he seemed like the kind of guy to just look at you and try and dissect your thoughts.Long story short he weirded me out.I’m paranoid when I’m tripping though.But anyway these 2 new tracks really have me hyped.It seems like he really elevated his style.I guess he is releasing a track per month for the year.That’s great.Based on these 2 tracks I’d buy it right now.This is some of the fresher hip hop related music I have heard in a while.I hate to write this but I will.And no pause can fix it.I SLEPT ON SOME YAK BALLZ 😦 So with that being said and meant. I can’t wait to hear more.He just made me a official fan.

*Bonus Yak Ballz*

Here is some bonus Ballz for your pleasure 🙂
Design by Oliver Cartwright
Yak Ballz – DSMU (prod. by Chapter 7)

1st installment of the Gas Galaxy LP brought to you exclusively by
The Gas Galaxy album will be released as one song a month installments for every month over the course of 2011.

As promised, the first download from Gas Galaxy titled DSMU (prod. by Chapter 7)

Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours Feat Sir Michael Rocks (Blended Babies Remix)

Remix of Mine Is Yours Featuring Sir Michael Rocks of The Cool Kids .The Cold War Kids Mine Is Yours LP…out now

Blu – Amnesia (Remind)

off Blu’s now-released Amnesia EP.

Radiohead – Codex

Pretty pricey.But I support Radioheads continued fuck you to major labels.You can grab their new album the King Of Limbs through them Here I heard mixed reviews so far.But I’m looking forward to hearing it.

Radiohead – Lotus Flower (Music Video)

Its great to see Thom Yorke having fun.But I was scared watching this video.At any moment I thought he was gonna tuck his junk back and do the Buffalo Bill dance.

Mr.J.Medeiros – Nothing Without Providence

Mr. J. Medeiros releases his 1st single “Nothing Without Providence” from his 3rd album “Saudade”, exclusively with

Mr. J is renown for his lyrical skills, and once again he doesn’t disappoint.

Have a listen, leave a comment and spread the word…Mr. J. Medeiros is back.

Gil Scott Heron and Jamie xx – My Cloud

Great track off the Jamie xx and Gil Scott Heron project that is out now.

Malcolm and Martin – Against The Wall

New track Off Malcolm and Martins Life Doesn’t Frighten Me Lp…out now

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