Why Be A Silent Lamb? The Wisdom Of Buffalo Bill From Silence Of The Lambs

Besides being a tormented sick fuck who liked to kill people and wear their skin.All that aside.After re-watching the Silence Of The Lambs the not that long ago.I realized that not only does the lotion get rubbed on the skin or you get the hose again.But as crazy and sick as Bill was in the movie.He was a master at self esteem issues.His lesson was simple.It involved a quick exercise that can and should be done everyday in 3 easy steps.You will need a full length mirror and a copy of The Q Lazzarus song Wild Horses (which is optional but I provided just in case).

*Step 1 is optional.
Do a homo erotic dance with your junked tucked in while jamming out to
Q. Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses

If you do not have junk to tuck in and luckily are a lady then.Just do the dance I guess.

I skip part 1 and go straight to 2.Part 1 I’m not feeling at all.You make your own call..

*Step 2 :
After the dance if you chose to do it or not get your mirror. Look into it and in your sexiest or creepiest voice, ask the reflection “Do you want to fuck me?”. Try this for awhile.If you do not get a answer right away do not feel bad.You might have to try this for weeks.It took me a few weeks.At first the reflection wanted no part of me.The son of a bitch wouldn’t even look at me.This went on for awhile.Then all of a sudden a quick glance led into a wink.Then one day the reflection said those 3 magical words “YES”.Long story short again we banged.But it wasn’t cheap .I’m really starting to think the reflection likes me.Hopefully one day we will get married.

*Step 3
Feel good about yourself.Which Is the easiest step and the hardest step to do.Just think if you don’t want to fuck yourself then nobody else will want to 🙂

Thanks Bill 🙂

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