Classic American Asshole : Wayne Arnold (The Wonder Years)

Wayne Arnold from the tv show The Wonder Years was the epitome of a big brother.A true asshole.He made his little brother Kevin Arnold’s life a living hell.I think anyone with older siblings can relate.But Wayne wasn’t just good at it.He was a master of his craft.Like any good big brother he could read your mind.It was like Wayne was the streets when it came to Kevin.He either saw every bad thing or good thing or heard it before anyone else.Then when given the right opportunity which was primary in the company of their parents.Wayne would unleash the shit and watch Kevin drown in it.Whether it was Kevin trying to hide his love life,getting a F,ditching school,etc.Anything that made Kevin nervous Wayne was keyed into with bat like radar waiting to attack.And like any true classic asshole brother it would not just stop their.Wayne would then inflict beatings on Kevin.Anytime Kevin would stand taller and had even a ounce of dignity.Wayne would be their to knock him down with a flurry of rabbit punches and then enforce a headlock on him.Wayne was just a straight up asshole.Which was even seen in the first 30 seconds of the pilot.When he called Kevin his trademark dagger of a hike.A butthead and then Wayne beat him up during a wiffle ball game.Every opportunity whether it was just he two or in front of people.Wayne would degrade Kevin with ninja like tactics.In one episode Kevin had to write a obituary for English.Basically what he saw his life as now and what it would be in the future.Like any great asshole Wayne knew Kevin was uneasy about it.And wanted to make fun of him and proceeded to sum Kevin’s entire life up by saying: “Kevin Arnold,born a butthead,lived a buttheads life.And then died……a butthead!”.Then in another Wayne had to pick Kevin up from the mall.While Kevin was at the mall met a young cutie.And just when Kevin was about to ask her out.Wayne cruises up and makes fun of him.Then when Kevin tried to open the car door Wayne speeds up.And proceeded to the commercial break.I don’t think Kevin ever got in the car.And he sure as hell didn’t get to ask the young cutie out out of embarrassment.Wayne Arnold was a Classic American Asshole.

But like most assholes.They are detrimental to our lives.It would be all too easy and pleasurable to wipe them off the face of the earth.But we need them.Especially the sibling asshole.It make us into who we are.It strengthens the good in us.And it builds a certain character that nothing else would.It makes you more sensitive to others.And teaches you survival at a young age.

I salute you Wayne Arnold…Classic American Ashole

I shouldn’t have slept on Winnie Cooper.
I was never big on Winnie Cooper back in the day.I thought she was cute but plain.I always thought even though she was a stalker Kevin should of went after
the girl in his french class.I remember being really young and thinking wow she is something.I kind of knew even at that young of age people matured differently.But I always thought something was up with the girl in his french class.It turns out she was 20 when they filmed.So obviously she is gonna look a lot different then her 13 or 14 yr old counterparts.But Kevin Arnold was right.Winnie Cooper was definitely future wife material.A huge mistake on my part.She not only blossomed into a beautiful woman.But she went on to Harvard and became a math prodigy or something,.Since then she has written various books on math.And becomes even hotter and hotter each time I see her.






Maxim Photoshoot

on Fox News’ Glenn Beck Show

Creepy ass Glenn Beck seems like he is trying to pull a Wayne Arnold on her in this interview,

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