Track Of The Day : Over The Rhine – The King Knows How ( Bonus John Forte)

Over The Rhine – The King Knows How

Cincinnati,Ohio’s Over The Rhine with a great bluesy for a laid back Sunday.Off Over The Rhine’s The Long Surrender LP out now.

John Forte – Hanging On The Surface (Live)

I’m a big John Forte Fan.I didn’t really like his Poly Sci album.I became a fan hwen he dropped I,John.I knew he was facing serious time for a cocaine charge.So I listened to the album and his pain,reflection,emotion,positive energy came across to my ears.Making me a instant fan.So after serving 7 years and being pardoned by the President.He dropped the Stylesfree EP like he never left.He is dropping a new album sometimes this year..Which I’m looking forward to hearing.In the meantime I have been rocking this live unreleased cut by him.Which I think is pretty tits.

***A John Forte Bonus***

Back in the day…………..1997

John Forte ,Canibus, Big Pun, DMX, Mos Def, and Mic Geronimo Freestyle Cypher @ The Source Magazine Cover Shoot

A Classic Hip Hop moment.This video goes to show you why Pun was one of the best.(RIP) Pun.And why Mic Geronimo shouldn’t of been slept on.I remember buying this Source issue.I think it was the only time where they did their up and coming mc issue of the year and I was impressed by all.And you can’t front on a young Mos Def,Canibus,Forte and DMX at the time.Seeing Mos Def in it tho reminds me a 1997 NYC that had Blackstar promo posters all around.And seeing Mos pop up at various shows and freestyling on the spot.Great times.

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