Condition of the Heart : The Music of Prince 1 & 2 Mixed By AllyAl (Download)

Shout outs to AllyAl from OKP on these great Prince mixes.Just in time for Valentines Day.


a journey through love, lust and loss

I think when i first discussed making this mix with my good friend Jehan it ws initially going to be just slow jamz, don’t get me wrong all the songs featured are downtempo, but for me Prince’s songs encompass so many different emotions, the title track for instance, that we widened our scope a little. For all those that may complain because do me this isn’t included and Joy In that, don’t worry part 2 is in the making. I wanted it to be a mix of well known and maybe not so well known, for the Prince fanatics and casual fans alike, hopefully all y’all will enjoy it

Thanks again to J for engineering the oh so low tracks and giving them that extra bump

So without further ado, please enjoy…



I Can’t Make You Love Me
The Passion
When 2 R In Love
The Beautiful Ones
I Love U in Me
(interlude) When Love Calls…
Let’s Have A Baby
It’s Gonna Be Lonely
A Case of U
God (Love Theme from Purple Rain Instrumental)
Crazy You
Condition of the Heart
Sometimes it Snows in April

To Download: Click Here

Condition of the Heart 2 : The Music of Prince : Mixed by AllyAl

A(nother) journey through love, lust and loss

Seeing as the first part did so well thought it was about time to drop part 2, and with Valentines just around the corner it made sense to do it now. If your guy or gal love Prince please feel free to pass this mix off as your own personal Valentines gift smiley

thank you to Forever Nowhere for the dope artwork, please check for more here >

and Jehan for that engineering magic

So without further ado, please enjoy….

CONDITION OF THE HEART 2 : The Music of Prince : Mixed by AllyAl


God (vocal)
A Question of U
Slow Love
How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore
Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother, Wife
The Rapture
If I Was Your Girlfriend
Underneath the Cream
Do Me Baby
When We’re Dancing Close and Slow
Pink Cashmere
Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)
Joy In Repetition
Diamonds and Pearls

To Download: Click Here

To Contact AllyAl or to check out more podcasts…

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