Making Amends With Steven Seagal


My father use to go to the same deli as Seagal back in the day.Thus making him a fan.He said he was a nice guy.So even though growing up my father was a huge Steven Seagal fan.And he would shove the movies down our throats,I’m not a fan of Steven Seagal at all really..So thank god I only saw my father a couple times a month.Just kidding.But out of all his movies I’ve seen.The only one I ever liked was Out For Justice.That was a brutal film.When he was young and slim he was believable as a bad ass.But what made that movie good compared to his other movies.Is it had a good supporting cast(guy who played the main bad guy was awesome).It had a actual story line and it was good.And it had that neighbo0rhood vibe.

Long story short though.Last year someone asked me if I like him.I was like “Nah,dude is clown shoes”.And I told them his only good movie was out for Justice.And that the world would be better if he had disappeared after making that.Well shortly after I checked out his Lawman show a time or two.And even though I didn’t really like the show.He actually came across like he knew what he was talking about.He really does know martial arts and he is a bad ass marksmen.This dude almost shot out the flame on a candle.That’s instant props from me.But most of all I loved the opening credits to Lawman………

(only version I could find was the extended)

The intro to the show is classic on so many levels.And it is so fucking hilarious on so many levels.So I have to make my amends with Steven Seagal. And I apologize for saying that the world would be a better place with out you after after you made Out For Justice.The opening to Lawmen is awesome.So all apologies and now you may not exist:)

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