Track Of The Day: Elliot Smith – Strung Out Again(Bonus Saigon’s The Babies)

From Elliot Smith’s album A Basement On The Hill.At least every couple weeks this song pops up in my i-pod and I end up playing it over and over throughout that day.It is my favorite song by him.Which is saying a lot because the guy left such great music behind.This song has such great emotion like most of his songs.But it hits me in the heart to a higher degree.When I hear it I think of my people(way to many) who went down the path of addiction and never came back.Including him.RIP (Rest In Power)

Elliott Smith – Strung Out Again


New track from Saigon’s The Greatest Story Never Told finally dropping February 15, 2011.This album has been years in the making.I been waiting to hear a entire LP from him when he was a guest star on HBO’s Enturage.The Letter P track with Kool G Rap solidified me as a fan.I hope it is well worth the wait.He should of just stayed under the management of Turtle.Might of had a better chance.

Saigon – Oh Yeah (The Babies)

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