“Mister, it’s really dark. I’m scared”

A pedophile and a little girl are walking into the woods late at night.
The little girl says, “Mister, it’s really dark. I’m scared”.
He replies, “YOU’RE scared? I gotta walk out of here ALONE”

I just watched the movie Blue Valentine not too long ago.Which was a excellent movie.It was really depressing but I liked it.Long story short with out ruining anything. Michelle Williams character tells that joke to Ryan Gosling’s character.The way she said it was very cute.And you didn’t expect her to say something like that.Which made her even more cute.Who doesn’t like cute funny women?Even though Chesters make me sick to my very existence.And I’ve had the pleasure of fucking up a few.I found that pretty funny though in a dark twisted way.Just thought I’d share.And check out Blue Valentine if your into dysfunctional relationship movies.The acting was excellent and the movie was was great.

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