I Spy By T.Shabazz


I Spy:

I spy my mothers field of dreams turn into tenement houses of hate
I spy her broken by men, working dead end jobs, and lonely in cockroach ridden rooming houses.
I spy my father dead of disease alone on a couch.
I spy his dying moment and it was finally sober.
I spy a legacy of broken bottles, needles, and pipes enthralled in beatings is over
I spy my sisters husband beating and raping.
I spy my sister pregnant trapped on welfare.
I spy her ignorance isn’t bliss cause shes crying.
I spy her first baby’s father dead from gunsots.
I spy my brother slick talking and lying.
I spy his hairy fat body sweating and stinking.
I spy my brother one moment away from being dope sick or dying.
I spy my uncle and wonder why he babysits naked..
I spy my cousin drinking himself to death cause his heart is aching.
I spy aids,addiction,molestings,rotting teeth,and any other unimaginable infliction.
I spy myself and I’m not happy
I spy my future from now and I’m never happy
I spy my mind and it better act
I spy myself running,hiding and never looking back.

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