Poetry And Spoken Word Poetry


I use to be really into poetry back in the day(still love reading it).Especially spoken word.I guess it was a breath of fresh air from the Hip Hop that was so prevalent in the media.But at the same time it was in the same vein as the music.I love Hip Hop(with so many forms of music) as you can tell if you read this blog. But it gets tiring and got tiring when 90% of it is either negative or I just don’t relate to it.The 10% that is left over I flourish in though.Back in the 90’s I use to go to a spot in NYC called the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.A place that the poet Miguel Pinero who wrote Short Eyes co founded.They use to have a lot of crazy open mic and underground hip hop shows.I use to frequent the one Bobbito of The Stretch Armstrong Show use to host.One time we got lucky and wanted to go to a show but nothing was going on.I forget if we ran into a flyer or picked up the Village Voice.But I remember the advertisement.It said Lesbian Sex Scene πŸ™‚ We had some drinks in us and some of us if not all of us indulged in some weed smoke.So we decided to hit it up cause we liked lesbians and we liked sex scenes.And we really like lesbians in sex scenes.Our only worry was that it might be full of Rosie O’Donnells. But we figured we could just walk out if it got uncomfortable. Or if they tried to fuck us up cause we had a penis we would run.It was great though.Thinking with the little head lead for once proved awesome that night.It led us to this(Can’t believe I found video footage.Youtube is great.).

Lesbian Sex Scene at the Nuyorican 8/15/98

Bobitto hosting a show with The Roots and Common.Long story short the show was great even though their weren’t any lesbians having sex.Anyway besides having Hip Hop shows like the name proclaims theirs also poetry at the Nuyorican.I started going more often to see open mics and slams.I got caught up in it.Like I said I always liked poetry.Edgar Allen Poe,Langston Hughes,Allen Ginsberg,etc etc.Poetry always entertained and amazed me.So seeing it performed live and in sort of a hip hop style bugged me out.And I loved it right away.Also too Erykah Badu had just come out at the time and I caught a crush for her and her head wraps.So suffering from the disease of Baduizm the Nuyorican served as heaven for me.The head wraps were abundant their.But anyway.I saw some great slams and spoken word performances their.That place still holds true to my heart and mind.Great memories indeed.

I began writing more serious at that time also.Before that I always wrote stuff and when I was done, I’d take a lighter and burn it.It was always a secret to me.I thought at the time because I wrote poems it made me sensitive in the alpha male universe I was in.So I didn’t want anyone to know.But at this time I became more comfortable in my skin and shared my writing with people.And those that thought I was a pussy because of this I had convinced I was doing it for the pussy not cause I was a pussy.Even though I never said that they were so ignorant they just presumed that.Even when I would tell them I wasn’t they said I was lying.But anyway I wrote and I even got up on stage a time or two.I had 2 poems published during that time.It sucks I cant find them anywhere.For one poem I got 25 dollars.The other one 0. But I thought and still think that it was cool.I was never a great writer as far as run on sentences,predicate sentences,grammar,spelling,or anything else that exists.As you can tell if you read this blog haha.But with poetry I could always hide and mask that better.So I wrote it a lot more.It came natural.Half of the stuff I don’t even know where it came from.It was like I was possessed by someone who had skills.But besides the pennies I got from where ever my poems are.The most I ever made from my writing of just poetry was when my boy E wanted to impress women.He would hire me to write a poem with promises of buying drinks when we would go out.Or I’d just take a 20 from him.It was kind of funny.The reason I did it was to hear the stories from the girl of how E’s so romantic.And that he wrote her a poem blah blah blah.I’m a retard sandwich connoisseur so I’ve went and I’ll go through great lengths just to make myself laugh.And that did it always.

But anyway down below are videos of some of my favorite spoken word artists I have seen all of them perform over the years at various different events,platforms, and shows in NYC including Def Poetry on Broadway.Mainly during the time period of 97-2003.

Beau Sia – Asian Invasion

Taylor Mali – Like Totally Whatever

Suheir Hammad

La Bruja – WTC

muMs da Schemer – Roach Motels

Saul Williams (Bonus From Slam Nation)

I owned this and it grew legs and disappeared.Damn it!

Danny Hoch – Corner Talk, September

Danny Hoch does awesome one man plays.I just recently saw a one play on gentrification.Fucking great

Jessica Care Moore –

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