DJ Child of PGM presents…DJ Kool Herc Tribute Mix (STRENGTH)


I’m really loving this video.Great visuals.

DJ Kool Herc Tribute Mix—“STRENGTH” from Project Groundation on Vimeo.

DJ Child of PGM presents…DJ Kool Herc Tribute Mix—“STRENGTH”

This project was done to raise awareness and funds for DJ Kool Herc’s medical situation…Please visit WWW.DJKOOLHERC.COM to make donations.

Download the full “STRENGTH” mix @ WWW.PROJECTGROUNDATION.COM or​project-groundation/​dj-kool-herc-tribute-strength

I actually helped out with a small donation.Even though my financial state right now is one wrong move away from the street.I felt empathy for Kool Herc kidney problems cause I suffer from a liver problem.It’s a enlightening and scary situation when your having organ problems.It’s not like a cut on your body that you can see.So if theirs no great pain, you don’t even know anything is going on. You can just be hanging out and fall out dead.I still have a lot of problems. But its getting better for me from a year ago.I was hospitalized for over 2 weeks.I should be good tho.I got set back a little tho and I had my slip ups over the holidays.Getting my drink on(huge no no)and eating like shit(past month).But I changed so much as far as health over the last year and its hard to do a 360 degree lifestyle change.I’m a work in progress though.I won’t clock out till 2012 with everyone else(joking).I hope all works outwell for Kool Herc tho.The guy is a true pioneer.Things would be totally different if he never existed.

For Kool Hercs Bio:

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