And Now A Quick Word From Our Sponsors… AKA The Commercial Break PT. 2

Newport Cigarette Commercial

This happens to me every morning with my coffee.Now I got to just get that damn jingle out of my head.Neeeeewport tastes fresher too blah blah (gunshot to the lungs)

Flintstones Cigarettes Commercial

I was surprised Barney was the bad influence in this.It is usually Fred doing some dumb shit and getting poor impressionable Barney in some shit.I liked the impressions on the wives faces when they saw them smoking.They had the oh no they didn’t grill.I’m so glad for the kids sake these kind of commercials are banned.Cigarettes are one of the worse things I ever inflicted on myself.At this point I don’t know if I’m addicted more to the chemicals I don’t even know about or the nicotine.Even with a sick mother in the hospital due to smokes. I can’t quit.I gotta get better self discipline before I succumb to the same fate.No wonder they call cigarettes fags.Its really some gay shit to start doing:(

Schlitz Malt Liquor (1981)

Just another example of pushing poison through popular culture on the economically challenged.Kool and The Gang tho (shakes head in disappointment) I’m sold 🙂

Michael Jackson Dolls (1984)

Great marketing by toy company.By selling the same exact doll 3 times by just altering the outfit.

Mork Action Figure Commercial – 1979

I’m not into collecting things like this but I kind of want one ha.I still think Robin Williams is from another planet.He is just weird even when he is funny in kind of a scary way.And I don’t know what the dude with the wafro is talking about by saying you don’t know what they will say next.Didn’t he just say they only say 7 or 8 things?I think even those little kids can take a educated guess after awhile.

Wu-Tang Clan- St. Ides Commercial

Same thoughts on this as the Shlitz one..Plus this made my liver hurt from flashbacks.I drank way too many of those nasty ass beers back in the day.

Liquid Tide Rap Commercial

Get this family a funky ass bus and a creepy manager that oddly looks a lot like the youngest son.They got kind of a black Partridge family thing going on.And make sure your drawers are fresh!!!Liquid tide fresh that is….Woooooooooord 😦

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