Big Pun Tribute (Mixed by DJ Soul) (Free Download)

Shout out to for this.This is hands down the best Big Pun mix I heard.It was almost like hearing a new (real) album after all these years.It got me kind of amped as I reminisced on one of the best to ever do it.DJ Soul did his thing.What makes it great is it offers a lot of unreleased tracks,never before heard tracks,OG versions of classics (Still Not A Player OG is crazy),freestyles,various interviews(Bobbito, Raekown, Premo,Fat Joe, Noreaga, many more) mixed through out it.The interviews spark a lot of memories and make this a great tribute.Well worth the download.I’d definitely buy this when they release it shortly on i-tunes(with proceeds going to his kids).Rest IN Power Pun!!!!

The only track he should of put on that was left off was…

Tragedy Khadafi – Enemies Of The State Remix Feat Big Pun,Canibus,and Killa Sha

Excuse the DJ yelling on this.That is the only version of it I could find after many years.It also features Killa Sha(RIP).The way Pun jumped on the track is crazy.I been looking for a non dj version for it for years.No luck tho.I don’t know how this track goes under the radar.Trag and Pun are 2 of the best.A couple years ago I was talking to Tragedy Khadafi about some things and I think he said he didn’t even have a copy.He told me the studio session with the two was crazy.This was right after Tragedys mom passed away(RIP).He said he locked himself in the studio for a few months.And that he went in when it was cold with snow on the ground.And after people persuaded him to get out and have a good time it was Spring.He said that he ran into Pun at a club nearby.After Pun telling him he was one of his favorite Mc’s. Tragedy was like I got a studio right around the corner.The rest was history as they moved the party,drinks,and broads from the club to the studio.Tragedy said he was blown way with the breath control such a big man like Pun had.And that he learned some things from him and vice versa.The bugged part he said Pun threw up in the booth and then acted like it never happened as he continued his verse.Shout out to Tragedy!!!!!!


Earlier today DJ Soul released his Big Pun Tribute Mix that was initially set to drop last year for the 10-year anniversary of Pun’s death. The mix includes freestyles, originals, classics and some unreleased material that features Fat Joe, Remy Martin, and N.O.R.E. with production by Buckwild, Green Lantern, Sean C. The mix will be available on iTunes soon with the proceeds going to Pun.

Download Entire Mix Here:

1. Various Artists – Intro
2. Fat Joe – Intro
3. Big Pun – Resurrection (Produced by Sean C & LV)
4. Big Pun, Fat Joe & Remy Martin – Fire (Produced by Buckwild)
5. N.O.R.E. – Interlude
6. N.O.R.E. & Triple Seis – Close Encounters (Produced by Buckwild)
7. Fat Joe – Interlude
8. Big Pun – Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Freestyle on WKCR
9. Big Pun & Raekwon – Fire Water
10. Big Pun & Cuban Link – Still Not A Player (Demo)
11. Big Pun & Tony Sunshine – Loco Bananas (Produced by Sean C & LV)
12. Triple Seis – Interlude
13. Big Pun & Black Thought – Super Lyrical
14. Big Pun & A.G. – Drop It Heavy
15. Big Pun, Fat Joe, Cuban Link & Triple Seis – Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Freestyle On Hot 97
16. Big Pun – Dream Shatterer (Original)
17. Big Pun – Tony Touch Freestyle
18. Big Pun & Cuban Link – Toe To Toe
19. Onyx & Big Pun – Shut Em Down (Remix)
20. Big Pun – Thug Love
21. Mary J Blige & Big Pun – Round & Round (Remix)
22. Big Pun & Tony Sunshine – King MC
23. Big Pun – Nigga Shit
24. Pete Rock Interlude
25. Pete Rock, Big Pun & N.O.R.E. – Verbal Attack
26. Big Pun – Where You At (DJ Premier Remix)
27. Big Pun & Cormega – Rhyme To Rhyme
28. Big Pun & Nas – John Blaze (Original)
29. Big Pun – Whatcha Gon Do
30. Big Pun – Beat Box
31. Big Pun & M.O.P. – N.Y. Giants
32. Big Pun & Joell Ortiz – BX To BK (Produced by Green Lantern)
33. Big Pun – Mama (Original)
34. Fat Joe, Big Pun & The Terror Squad – Hidden Hand
35. Big Pun – My Turn


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