Track Of The Day : Big Pun – Still Not a Player

Christopher Rios (November 10, 1971 – February 7, 2000)

Still Not A Player

I needed something upbeat today.I have to go to the hospital and move some stuff for my mother to another room.She has been a resident their the last 4 years due to lung problems.So it never gets easier when things like that have to be done.So it being the anniversary of Big Puns passing I’ve been listening to Capital PUnishment today trying to lift my mood.

I can’t believe ts been 11 years since Pun left us already.Damn!!! I remember just meeting him for the first time.It was in 97 at that PR Parade in NYC.You Aint A Killa was just jumping off.My boy E and I saw him sitting in a chair on a float down a side street.We were hiding out their having some drinks while trying to avoid the police and their underage or public drinking tickets.We said f it and just starting bullshitting with him.I think he was surprised because that’s before he blew up and not a lot of people knew him by then.So as we enjoyed our beers(when your underage beer being illegal was always the best) Pun was enjoying lunch. He was chowing down(no lie) on what appeared to be multiple extra value meals from Mickey D’s.He seemed like a cool guy.Before we bounced we exchanged pounds and he was like “I’m dropping a new track I’m Not a Player”.Fast forward a year later after I’m Not A Player dropping with a remix and dude was a full fledged superstar.His album blow up and everyone knew his name.And rightfully so. He was one of the best to ever pick up a mic.RIP

Big Pun – 100% (PR Parade NYC 2000 Version)

Its sad Pun couldn’t see the impact that song had that year at the parade.

RIP (Rest In Power)

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