Stray Phrases performs J Dilla’s Donuts Live @ The Tea Lounge, Brooklyn 2-3-11

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Storm Siegel (drums), Dave Mainella (piano) and Evan Crane (bass), collectively known as the jazz trio Stray Phrases, performed Donuts in its entirety at The Tea Lounge in Park Slope. In October of last year, the trio played their rendition of Donuts at a small bar in NYC- a performance that was more popular online thanks to a recording posted by the good folks at Metal Lungies. With the recent online buzz and Dilla’s anniversary approaching, the group held an encore show and masterfully interpreted the album once again.


Stray Phrases – 15 – Time The Donut Of The Heart

Stray Phrases – 28 – One For Ghost

For More Info And To Download The Show…
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J Dilla
(February 7, 1974 – February 10, 2006)

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