Dis Iz Brick City (c) Redman: Brick City (TV Show) Season 1 (Sundance Channel) Review


I remember seeing the trailer for this a couple years ago and really wanted to watch it.I couldn’t find the trailer so here is a excerpt from episode 1.

Brick City : Episode 1 – Summer is Ours (Exclusive Episode Excerpt)

But so many things happened after I saw the trailer during that time I completely forgot about it.Then the other day I ran across it and watched the entire first season.Which was a 5 – 50 or so minute episodes..I really liked it.When I was done I wanted to watch more.And luckily I can because a second season just started on The Sundance Channel last week.

The series which is produced by Forrest Whitaker follows multiple people including the mayor Corey Booker who at that time has been in office for about 2 years.He comes across pretty corny.Yet after watching him for the entire series the corniness transcended into a lot of heart for me.He really generally seems like he cares about the city and it’s people.Or he is a great actor.I’d like to think he cares.The series shows how fucked up the politics are in Newark and what he has to deal with.Which is a lot.From the murder rate,a huge cut in the city’s budget,100 million dollar construction that has been going on for 10 years on one of its high school that wants to open that year,and various other things.The series also follows the new police director Booker brought in who is a outsider from the Bronx and the politics he has to deal with that has been happening in Newark for years.Plus his push to reduce the murder rate that year.Which had gotten to the point they even had this billboard put up


And among various other people including the high school principal of the for-mentioned school,Ali a Muslim who deals with multiple family members being shot and killed,a member of the bloods/author who just published a book on the gang,community leaders,etc.It also follows a female member of the Bloods gang. Jayda who beyond being pretty cute is a single mother who is still involved with the Bloods as far as allegiance.But isn’t active on the street.She’s involved in multiple community projects including a group she started to help young women stray away from the hardships of the streets and gangs.She does multiple speaking engagements speaking out against the lifestyle she chose and the hardships that came along with them that she doesn’t want to see for other girls.Her boyfriend Creep as they call him pretty much does the community thing like her himself.He’s actually a Crip so their relationship has kind of a taboo thing happening.You soon find out that she is pregnant with Creeps baby.And the show follows pretty much a ghetto romance between the two.Which is a cool because the show takes a break from the politics of the city and into the politics of a man and a woman in a relationship.


If you liked The Wire you might like this.Its not as action packed but everything about Brick City is real.It really pulls you in and gives you a glimpse of the inner workings of a city’s government and the horrible things the residents face living in as some people say the hood.My only problem with the show was that they focused mostly on the horrible things happening in The Bricks.Which is great hopefully the nation wakes up and sees it cause their are some fucked up things happening their.I know why too many people who lost their lives their.(R.I.P.)But I think they should of focused on happier times their as well as different neighborhoods.Cause everyone that lives in The Bricks isn’t the mayor,a gang member or the police chief.As many bad things the city offers it has a lot of great things as well.The show should of showed more everyday Joe’s and Joesephie’s doing their thing and living life to the fullest.Hopefully season 2 makes that adjustment.Long story short though this is a great show and I give it two thumbs up(not because I’m from Jersey and grew up around The Bricks either). I truly recommend watching it.
And I think fellow Jersey native Queen Latifah would be totally unbiased and agree…

Yesssir that’s U.N.I.T.Y on the thumb front.

Season 2 Promo

Season 2 airs on Sundays at 8pm.

For More Info On The City Of Newark:

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