Track Of The Day : Malcolm and Martin – Stand For Something (Bonus Tracks From Homeboy Sandman and The Beast)


New single off the the Malcolm and Martin project Life Doesn’t Frighten me.I like this joint.It brings me back to the 90’s with the feel of it but at the same time offering freshness.

Malcolm and Martin – Stand For Something


Bonus track from Malcolm and Martin that didnt make the LP.He kills the first verse in my opinion.I’m really digging these guys(ayooooo).I can’t wait for the Lp to drop.

Malcolm and Martin – Kash


Promo from Homeboy Sandman for The Peter Rosenberg Show which just got realeased on I Tunes the other day.Go cop It for better quality.This is only a radio rip of it.Don’t get me wrong Homeboy Sandman always offers some cookies and milk but for a radio promo this is crazy.

Homeboy Sandman – 72 For Chosenberg


New promo track from The Beast with a nice live feeling to it.

The Beast – Come Up Come Down

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