The Writers Block Wrecking Ball by Psalmz


“The Writers Block Wrecking Ball”
written by Psalmz

I have noticed in the last couple of years how careers have
risen and nose-dived in rollercoaster like fashion;
one of the most important things in writing lyrics has to be
consistency. Being able to lead an era of trendsetters isn’t easy, but
it shouldn’t be hell either. Everyone human in the industry has gone
through this rut known as writer’s block.

Practice with determination, and maybe you can save yourself the money
and embarrassment of hiring a ghostwriter.

1. 6 degree of separation (Or: Breath in, Breath out)
Take time away to clear your head. A long walk,
tranquil settings, good sleep or some dope sex,
whatever works for you. Just like after a bad
argument, you need space in order to return refocused,
ready to face your enemy. Inhale, exhale… wusaaaaaa

2. Brain food
It’s everywhere! The wise man says that you can find
inspiration anywhere, even in the back alley. Look
into films (even TV…), literature, museums,
paintings. Listen to conversations at the corner’s
cafe, or while in line at the store. Infuse your brain
with substance and satisfy your hunger for creativity.

3. Store up
Wherever you go, always keep handy a pen, highlighter,
eyeliner pencil (or a tape recorder), in case you
become flooded with a sudden burst of ideas. ‘Cause
you will def find your inspiration in or at the most
unlikely sources. The point is that you will be
writing. And writing something is better than nothing.

4. Different can be good
If your thing is writing lyrics or movie scripts, try
writing about something unordinary, opposite from what
you normally write. For instance, if it’s rap write a
rock song, if it’s a script try a poem. This will help
get your creative juices flowing. The point is, again,
that you will be writing. And writing something is
better than nothing.

5. 2 minutes of fame
For starters, try ten two-minute frames of scribbling
whenever you sit to write. Even if it doesn’t rhyme
nor make sense, you will be jotting away. Remember,
repeating this everyday is like working-out. Your
brain is a like a muscle, use it or lose it.

6. The study method
Today’s artists aren’t great listeners. And today’s
listeners aren’t as interested in lyrics anymore. The
success rate of lots of artists and their dreadful
repetition style is a clear illustration of that
phenomenon. The truth is, many of the greatest artists
of all times study and copy others intensively before
finding their own one-of-a-kind style. Try studying
successful works, syllable count, wordplay and
framework. Challenge yourself with only the best.

7. No pressure
Relax. Have fun. Remember the reason why you started
writing. This is your career after all, and it will
only get more challenging. So, love what you do, it
makes writing much easier when stress is under

8. Confidence
It doesn’t prove as much as the act, but it’s a start.
Declare to yourself that you’re good enough to be
playing with the big boys. Humility is great, but
don’t sell yourself short, either. Believe in yourself
and others will follow suite.

9. The early bird gets the worm
Late versus early, that’s a tuff decision, being that
schedules have a way to move around a lot nowadays.
But if you did have a choice, early in the wee hours
is better. Why? You ask. Well, the brain is clear and
rested, the body full of energy. That maximizes the
chances of greater results.

10. Still-life writing
Back in high school my art professor had us take an
object, lay it front of us, focus on it for ten
minutes, then proceed to sketch it out. I adapted the
same technique for writing. Choose an object and write
everything about it, from origin to color, I mean get
all the details on one page. Give yourself a
reasonable time limit. Once you’re done you will have
a full page of ideas derived from that one object.

11. Make sense with your senses
Use your 5 senses (even the 6th if you want) to
describe what’s on your mind. Being descriptive helps
communicate your thoughts to others. Mainly it helps
to fill in blanks while you’re writing. And, let’s
face it, it’s always easier to describe something than
to try to create it out of thin air.

12. Force the hand
As a last resort, go head-on with the problem. Even if
you think that ignoring or pretending the problem
isn’t there might do the trick, some problems yearn
for all the attention or they won’t go away. So, when
nothing else works, load your guns and go get ’em.

13. Come out your pockets
There are tons of books that can help you get through
hard times. Do some research. Be constructive and
hands-on. But if you’d rather take shorty out to the
flicks instead, try all above first, see if it works.
If not, maybe you should revisit what you want in

So, good luck until the ink hits the paper… Peace

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  1. Dustland Fairytales* says:

    I love this. awesome pic!

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