Video: Zoo York Mixtape Video Volume 1 (Rest In Power Harold Hunter)

Here’s a classic video that’s become a staple in New York City Skate and Hip Hop culture.Featuring legends in the realms Hip Hop and Skateboarding – Harold Hunter, Jeff Pang, Vinny Ponte, DJ Roc Raida, Bobbito, Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z & Busta Rhymes are just some of the names that made this historic visual mainstay possible.

This video use to get a lot of burn back in the day with us.We must of spent countless hours of our young lives smoking dime bags with chocolate chips on them,drinking crazy horse and old e (when they still had the charcoal filtering) 40’s,talking shit,and trying to get laid by girls while watching this.It was crazy to us that they mixed in Stretch and Bobbito freestyles from the radio show that we spent countless late night hours taping.Plus it was awesome to see Harold Hunter (Rest In Peace) doing his thing on the board.I remember seeing him around NYC all the time doing back then.He always had a bugged out story to tell.Very cool cat that will be missed.And as a added bonus it had one of the best DJ’s ever Roc Raida (Rest In Peace) mixing it.

Zoo York Mixtape Video Volume 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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