Classic Creeps : Lionel Richie



With stealth like moves that makes even the most skilled ninja look like Sloth from The Goonies.Lionel Richie’s character who we will refer to as “The Teacher” in the Hello video makes even the seasoned stalkers like Mark David Chapman,Jodie Fosters stalker and Rebecca Shaffer stalker/murderer look like novices.Its like comparing the real Olympics to the Special Olympics in my opinion.Simply put compared to the evil lurking in The Teacher these 3 other guys are smurfs .If a conversation took place with all 4 of them it would begin and end with The Teacher invoking some Denzel on the other 3 by busting out “King Kong ain’t got shit on me!”

This video should serve as a PSA for creepiness.The female lead is elegantly played by the actress in this I thought.Her portrayal of pure innocence adds greatly to the creepiness of The Teacher.I wonder if shes actually blind or her being blind is a metaphor for her innocence.That maybe she is just blind to the evil that is lurking at her school.Far to often when evil is hiding in a so called person like The Teacher.It seems people have no idea of it and are basically blind to the fact that someone in their daily lives could do very bad things. You always hear victims families say “I couldn’t believe he did that”.”He was like the guy next door”.He was such a nice guy”.Whether or not the director used her handicapped as a metaphor doesn’t take away from his genius.This short video ranks up their with the works of Hitchcock.This is one of the best physiological thrillers ever made in my opinion.Lionel Richie deserves high praise for his acting.He ranks up their with some of the best creeps ever portrayed in film.Just from the creepiness of his Jheri Curl/Mullett straight down to his stare. I get chills.A Siberian winter in my opinion wouldn’t hold a candle to the coldness in The Teachers eyes.Michael Meyers in Halloween had Bettie Davis eyes compared to him.If I was a female and saw this video I’d be scared of men and ultimately have Ellen Degeneress on speed dial.Whats great about the video too it leaves plenty up to the imagination.Every scene your waiting for him to make a move and he doesn’t.He advances and she innocently walks further into what I believe is her destruction.Ultimately I believe when the video fades away she will reject him.Which will lead to her body being dismembered.The video ends in his room with her about to touch his face.Will she read it and run with fear?Will someone wake up and open their eyes to the evil going on at that school and save her. Hello!!!!! I hope so.Yet realistically her terror will not end so peacefully and she will be given no choice but to die 😦

The director,cast,etc,and even the key grip deserve kudos for this.Which is why hands down I’m gonna honor them with the James Spader (Pretty Pink,Less Then Zero) Award for Phenomenal Creepiness In Film.


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