Unearthed Gems : 5 Unreleased Albums You Should Hear (Jack Herrera, Dave Mathews, Weezer, 2Pac, & Bilal)


Jack Herrera – Retro Futuristic (Futuristo)

Jack Herrera consists of three members.R&B singer Jon B and two of his background singers Dominiquinn and Silky Deluxe .While on tour promoting Cool Relax around 97 or 98 with the intent of bringing some very soulful music to the masses Jon B formed the group and named them Jack Herrera collectively. The group was signed to Dreamworks Records and were set to release Retro Futuristic on the label.Retro Futuristc or Futuristo, was put together, but never officially released.. However, two tracks from the project did see release. Free To Believe appeared on the soundtrack to the film Light It Up and High Off You appeared on Red Star Sounds, Vol. 1: Soul Searching. The project was filled with the smoothness you came to expect from Jon B mixed with a hip hop vibe. It also featured appearances from Will I Am and Black Thought of The Roots.

01 – city lights
02 – what u feel
03 – diamond in the rough
04 – high off you
05 – say you gotta man
06 – jack shuffle (ft will.i.am)
07 – up above my head
08 – jack herrera for president
09 – free to believe
10 – for you
11 – say the word feat black thought
12 – revolution interlude
13 – revolution
14 – be free
15 – deja vu

jack herrera – jack shuffle (ft will.i.am)

Download Entire Album Here:


Bilal – Love For Sale

In the following years after releasing his first album 1st Born Second Bilal continued to appear on projects by other artists both high profile and avant garde, while recording and developing his follow-up set to be released on Interscope Records and featuring contributions primarily from producers Dr. Dre and J Dilla (as heard by Dilla himself). These plans proved to be changeable and the final result, Love For Sale, was an album that appeared to be built around Bilal’s own musicianship, with many of the tracks produced and written by the artist himself except “Something to hold onto” was produced by grammy award producer Nottz. However, near the album’s completion, Interscope delayed the release date, then shelved the album indefinitely, hinting that it saw little commercial potential in it since it had already leaked online in its entirety. Online, many fans and music critics expressed their sadness that what they viewed as a carefully crafted album would be kept from a proper release.

01 – something to hold on to
02 – you’re all i need (feels like heaven)
03 – gotsta be cool
04 – make me over
05 – get out of my hair
06 – lord don’t let it
07 – all for love
08 – hands of time
09 – hollywood
10 – white turns to gray
11 – sorrow tears and blood
12 – sweet sour you

bilal – 10 – white turns to gray

Download Entire Album Here:


The Dave Mathews Band – The Lillywhite Sessions

The Lillywhite Sessions (tLWS) is a collection of songs recorded by Dave Matthews Band in 1999 and 2000 and produced by Steve Lillywhite. The songs, recorded by the band as a follow-up to their 1998 album Before These Crowded Streets, were ultimately scrapped by the band. Upon abandoning the album-in-progress, Dave Matthews was assigned to work with producer Glen Ballard who, in association with Matthews, wrote the album Everyday in just ten days. This contrasted with the band’s prior style of writing, which included significant collaboration between the band members in the studio. The recordings later emerged on the Internet shortly after the release of Everyday, and created controversy among fans as well as the music industry, which was early in its campaign to curb illegal file downloads. The Lillywhite Sessions were never released.

01 – busted stuff
02 – grey street
03 – diggin’ a ditch
04 – sweet up and down
05 – jtr
06 – big eyed fish
07 – grace is gone
08 – captain
09 – bartender
10 – monkey man
11 – kit kat jam
12 – raven

dave mathews – 09 – bartender

Download Entire Album Here:


2Pac & The Outlawz & The Boot Camp Clik One Nation

In 1996 at the height of the so called East Coast – West Coast feud, 2Pac sought to end it by teaming up with Brooklyn’s Boot Camp Clik for an album titled One Nation. After 2Pac’s murder in September of 1996, the album was put on indefinite hold and has only seen the light of day through bootlegs. Several of Pac’s verses from the album have been used on various posthumous releases over the years. Last year, a label called A.E.G. acquired the rights to the original album and claimed that a digital-only release would happen later that year, but it didn’t and the album remains unreleased.Heres the best version of it that I could find.

01 – lets fight
02 – tattoo tearz
03 – my own style feat greg nice
04 – secrets of war
05 – where ever u r feat big daddy kane
06 – the struggle continues
07 – brothaz at arms
08 – world wide dime piece feat greg nice and snoop dogg
09 – military minds
10 – thug nigga feat greg nice
11 – one nation feat cocoa brovas and busta rhymes
12 – military minds version 2

2pac and the bootcamp – 07 – brothaz at arms

Download Entire Album Here:


Weezer – Songs from the Black Hole

Songs from the Black Hole (SFTBH) is an unreleased, unfinished Weezer album. A space themed rock opera/musical, it was originally envisioned as the follow-up album to The Blue Album, but over the course of recording, the album’s concept was discarded and the album was transformed into Pinkerton[1] . SFTBH was, in the words of songwriter Rivers Cuomo, “supposed to be a whole album of songs transed together,” meaning a seamless flow from one song to the next (previous examples of this technique include the closing medley of The Beatles’ Abbey Road and various Pink Floyd albums including The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here).

01 – countdown
02 – blast off!
03 – who you callin’ bitch
04 – oh jonas (maria’s theme)
05 – i do
06 – come to my pod
07 – oh no, this is not for me
08 – tired of sex
09 – she’s had a girl
10 – dude, we’re finally landing
11 – i don’t want your lovin’
12 – getchoo
13 – i just threw out the love of mine
14 – superfriend
15 – superfriend (reprise)
16 – o lisa
17 – you won’t get me tonight
18 – why bother
19 – waiting on you
20 – no other one
21 – devotion
22 – purification of water
23 – longtime sunshine
24 – longtime sunshine (reprise)

weezer – 23 – longtime sunshine

Download Entire Album Here:

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