And Now A Quick Word From Our Sponsors… AKA The Commercial Break (Classic TV Commercial Revisited)

Hey Love 1980s TV Commercial

No my brother you got to buy your own!!! Classic

1978 Colt 45 commercial

Is that white guy in the middle Sam Malone from Cheers? This reminds me of Dave Chappelle and Samuel Jackson Ale when I watched it.

Colt 45 Commercial With Billy Dee Williams

I remember seeing this back in the day as a baby and thinking wow that guy is beyond smooth with the ladies.Not knowing that subconsciously the commercial sold me on the Colt 45 that I’d start drinking years later.I wonder how many people got hooked on the bottle by Billy D and Colt 45.This commercial and Colt 45 I bet is the source for a lot of alcoholics problems and definitely the reason Billy smacked his wife šŸ˜¦

Michael Jordan and Spike Lee Commercial Nike

Classic Mars Blackmon. It makes me want to watch School Daze and write on jeans with a marker lol.

Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan McDonald’s commercial

I remember after this every kid I knew including my self was trying all sorts of crazy shots and breaking stuff around the house.This commercials the sole reason for belt beatings administered by my mother back in the day.And when my mother wasn’t their my grandmother.So you know what?Yup,Fuck you Ronald Mcdonald!!!

Freedom Rock Commercial

This is definitely burnt out.I would defiantly like to smoke out with these guys and talk Timothy Leary.If the number was still good I’d like to order this compilation along with the Hey Love one.Or maybe just the Hey Love one.I don’t think if I asked to borrow Freedom Rock the Hippies would say I gotta buy my own my brother.Hippies are suppose to share.Hence the free love.Its like ok you’ll let me fuck your girlfriend but I can’t borrow Freedom Rock.Thats bullshit maaaan šŸ˜¦

Anti-Drug PSA

I still get flashbacks from this.This video got me in trouble a couple times.Every time I ever heard someone ask someone why they do drugs this plays in my head and I start laughing.I don’t know what happens after he says that cause the commercial cuts out but I would of cut a ass whooping back then if I said that to my Pop.

Pee Wee Herman PSA For Crack

I’m not sure but I wonder if he had to do this PSA after he got caught jerking off in the movie theater? I’m gad Pee Wee wasn’t on crack though.Would of been a shame to see Miss Yvonne turning tricks for a blast.

Anti-Drug PSA

I think they should of built more on the topic of becoming enslaved to drug addiction compared to the other PSA with a egg getting fried.This is your brain on drugs just got me off topic whether it made me hungry or made me wonder what came first the chicken or the egg?
This ones pretty deep and makes you think how the problem not only effects you but everyone.

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