(Ralph Macchio Is Once Again Daniel San) A Look At The Real Karate Kid Part 4 / The Karate Man (My Interpretation Anyway)

I wish the post title was true.But 😦 I always liked the Karate Kid as youngster though.Some of my fondest memories are trying to crane kick random people.But anyhow I watched them all again not too long ago and it definitely wasn’t the same experience.It was still entertaining its own way tho.And even though I enjoyed the first 2 to some extent this time around. I’m not really feeling the 3rd one.The 4th one I pretend didn’t exist and the new remake was um ok.It definitely doesn’t have the personality of the original with Ralph Macchio, but what movie really does?Just kidding.Anywhooo!! Even though Will Smiths son was good in it and surprisingly Jackie Chan was excellent in the remake. It lacked character.I think instead of remaking it they should of either ignored the 4th one like I did. Would be cool to see Ralph pick up years after 3.Or perhaps they can go out on a limb and just call it The Karate Man.I know like John Lennon I’m a dreamer, but reallly? Can I be the only one who wants to see Macchio back in effect?I think not.Would you have someone else play the Godfather besides Brando? Nope.Ralph Macchio is Daniel San..damn it!!!! So with out the means to do justice for this franchise or the belief that Hollywoood will rewrite their errors(not like Ralph Macchio is doing anything). I put my mind into believing my version of the Karate Kid 4(or Karate Man) with Daniel very well exists.It plays out like a dark comedy with Redman involved in the soundtrack.

This song by Gov mattic (off The Hell Up In Newark Lp) opens up the movie however that be where the city is showcased to the opening credits.
Gov mattic – Hell up In Newark

Plot Outline:
20 yrs pass and we find Daniel San in his home city of Newark where he arrived a few yrs ago when his banzai business claimed chapter 11. Now 40 something yrs old D. San (as they call him around the way) is back where he grew up. He decided to teach inner city kids what Miyagi had taught him shortly after his mother got sick.So with the business bankrupt,mother sick and California not offering him anything anymore he moved back to Newark with his mother sometime ago.We soon find out that Daniel has become a down and out alcoholic/addict.He traded in tournaments for heroin,alcohol,crack and anything he can get his hands on.Through flashbacks,conversations, and real time we find out more and more.Some of these real-isms are that his mother died a few years ago .On Sept 11 2001 we find out that Miyagi was coming out to visit Daniel in Jersey but was on one of the planes that crashed into the towers (Pat Morita died in 2005 so Miyagi had to go). So with the events of 9/11, Miyagi’s death and Daniel’s mother dead on top of bad investments he fell victim to life and couldn’t carry on with teaching. So with another business in Chapter 11,all his bridges burned including with his family and a full blown habit. Daniel must battle his ultimate foe…..Addiction !!!

Basically throughout the movie hes going through hell.He constantly has to cop or he gets sick.That’s when interesting dialogue and situations happen.Daniels in and out the projects dealing with different dealers,junkies,police etc.Hes constantly trying to sell stolen stuff to the dealers and local bodegas.Anything from women’s shoes,cigarettes to stolen sodas.In one scene he tries to sell used stripper clothes including panties(from a bag he stole out a nudie bar) to a dealer and gets punched in the face.Hes constantly trying to pull one over on the dealers and running away with extra dope and coke bags.Which puts his life on the line.In one scene he tries to sell some scooters he stole from a near by town that he rode around till he fucked up the tire .He sells it and as soon as the dealer pulls off he notices the tires off and starts chasing Daniel around the city. With A tire that’s not working properly he manages to stay on D-sans trail as Daniel runs through yards,jumps fences,hids in trees etc.

Larusso’s only steady job is part time at a car wash.He shoplifts at Home Depots,Walmarts,Targets etc and then returns the items at their other chains for gift cards that he has to sell.Their would be a couple scenes where hes trying to sell the cards where he meets some interesting people.Daniels basically homeless sleeping in shelters,abandoned buildings and homes,train stations,etc.The only half decent relationship he has is with a coke head prostitute that lives in a motel.Shes basically a running buddy with benefits.He uses her room to shower and sleeps their sometimes..In one scene he breaks his hand while doing day labor on the docks in Elizabeth.Daniel makes a bet with someone for 50 dollars that he can break a stack of bricks cause he needs to score dope at lunch so he doesn’t get dope sick.He cant wait till the end of the day for his cash. .So all weak he goes to break it and busts his hand on the first one.With a broken hand hes unable to work the rest of the day.So he gets paid for 3 hours and runs out on the guy he made the bet with.The guy chases him and throws a bottle at his ahead as Daniel runs toward the projects fading into the sun.In another scene in a crack house he takes a blast from his crack stem and gets high beyond belief(looks like he might have a heart attack). He starts shaking,mumbling while foaming out the mouth, and his eyes are twitching as he goes up for a crane kick( in his mind he believes hes fighting Johnny and back in the 80s) with his pipe in hand and falls..Another scene hes down and out and tries to mug a old lady.He squares up against her like he did Chosen and Johnny back in the day.He gets the upper hand and when he tries to crane kick her she beats him with her cane.After a senior citizen 2 piece and a biscut he runs away through traffic and almost gets hit.

Throughout the movie you see Daniel try and do his patented crane kick and always fails.Either he is too high,weak or just utilizes it at the wrong time.Like when theirs a raid where hes at and the DT’s are rushing him and he tries to kick a cop and misses which leads to a beaten.They take him into booking where he kicks,gets punked and goes through hell.I have about 30 something other scenes already done in my head. Like when he goes to detox,robs a adult book store and ends up getting beaten with a dildo and arrested etc.That’s the basic premise tho but with a lot more pain, gloom, violence, agony, despair, etc mixed in with gut busting comedy.The dialogue would be gritty and realistic but funny as well as the situations.Its kind of Requiem for a Dream mixed in with The 40 Year Old Virgin and a underlying Disney Sports themed movie like Remember The Titans.

The end I haven’t figured out yet tho.Either Daniel gets locked up for a state bid because he finally gets his crane kick off and misses his target like a stray bullet hitting a little girl and killing her(which opens it up for a sequel in jail if this closure doesn’t prove enough down the line).Or he goes to rehab and gets clean. Or the inevitable when you roll like that..he overdoses.Long story short though I think theirs hope in no hope for Daniel Larusso.Which would make a great addition to this franchise.


***Burn Hollywood Burn***

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