Celebertiy A-Alikes (Look A Likes) AKA These Mofo’s Must Of Been Twins Separated At Birth Post) (Featuring: Alicia Keys, Lil Kim, Paula Patton, Eminem, Elton John, Ellen, And Many More)

***Alicia Keys & Paula Patton***
Not much to say except that it doesn’t hurt to look like either one of them.Swizz Beats and Robin Thicke are lucky dudes.I’m a firm believer in being in the right place at the right time with the right attitude.And that has to apply to Swizz and Alan Thicke from Growing Pains a-like for a son.They must be alright guys aside from the casio beats and the Jason Seaver resemblance.And on a serious note just like the TV show Growing Pains these 2 beautiful ladies are sure to produce a Boner (Rza Voice..Bong)
Just kidding.All corny jokes a side…These 2 are great πŸ™‚

Alicia Keys – Tender Love

Really good live cover of the 80’s classic

Robin Thicke – Dream World

Figured I’d post this lucky bastards hell of a track which references his beautiful wife πŸ™‚ Really dug the way he shouted out Marvin Gaye who sadly was shot dead by his cross dressing father back in the 80’s

R.I.P. Marvin Gaye (April 2, 1939 – April 1, 1984)

***Brother Ali & Bonk***
Great game and a great artist. Crazy how the turbo system was lacking in bits compared to its competitors like the nes but still held its own by pushing the limits of performance.So whatever Brother Ali is lacking in pigmentation to me it goes barley unnoticed by him pushing the envelope of mcing and producing a great body of work like the turbo graffix.

Brother Ali – Forest Whitaker

***Cage & Jimmy Kimmel***

Cage and Godfather Don – WKCR Promo

One of the first times I heard Cage was on the Stretch Armstrong Show on 88.9 WKCR with Radiohead/Agent Orange Demos.

Kid Cudi – Maniac Feat Cage and St Vincent – WKCR Promo

New Kid Cudi featuring Cage.Good to see Cage working with mainstream artists.Even though for the most part I’m not really feeling the track except for the production and a few lyrics I can see it crossing over to the 21 and under crowd.Hope its a good move for Cage.Hes been putting in his hustle for a minute now.

*** MJ & Diana Ross***
I always thought because of his childhood and rough upbringing from Joe including being a Jehovah Witness that MJ was emotionally scarred.Being
that he was brainwashed,beaten,and spiritually raped like second nature I thought maybe Diana showed him unconditional love and kindness and through her talent and success Mj latched on and tried to embody her by trying to look like her.I don’t know it was always eerie to me.
R.I.P. though.Only God can judge him know.

Aloe Blacc – Billie Jean MJ Cover

Figured I’d post Aloe Blaccs rendition of Billie Jean cause most people have all the MJ they want.Aloe brings his own style to the track and bodies it.Check out his album Good Things that dropped a few months ago on Stones Throw Records.It definitely ranked up their to me as one of the best albums of 2010.

Diana Ross – Theme From Mahogany

Classic Diana from the movie Mahogany.Guaranteed Billy Dee Williams pulled the skirt off alot of Colt 45s to this.Its sure to bring you to a happier place.

***Helen Slater in The Legend Of Billie Jean & Eminem & Ellen***

Funkmaster Flex – If I Get Locked Up Feat. Dr. Dre (The Tunnel with Big Kap

One of the only complete Em songs I actually like.The older I get less and less but still dig it.I think hes a great mc as far as structure,persona,presence and the ability to battle and write.Just his resume doesn’t leave me with anything to rock in my daily journey.I actually really want to like his songs cause of his talent and general love for the art but I’m forced with a L. Shoutouts to him though for signing Slaughterhouse.Glad to see him reconnect with Royce.Hopefully they will pick up where they left off years ago and get me listening.

***Elton John & Mike Myers In Austin Powers***

***India Arie & Nina Simone***
Not always their but I think the resembles is their enough.Both are great artists and singers.Nina Simone’s legacy lives on.

Nina Simone – Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood

One of my all time favorite songs of all time.Another song to me that tops its original.

Santana – While My Guitar Gently Weeps Featuring India Arie and Yo Yo Ma

Great cover.Brings a whole new element to the classic Beatles song.

***DJ Eclipse & An Albino Ostrich & DJ Stretch Armstrong***
Both Eclipse and Stretch are great DJs and pioneers of the NYC scene to me(Internationally when the net came about also).They both blazed the way for a lot of unknown acts(Nas,Wu,Biggie,Redman,and later Torae,Skyzoo etc)whether it was The Stretch Armstrong Show(Classic radio show,google it if you don’t know) Or The Halftime Show.And even though I hold the both of them in high regard the resemblance is def their.I remember Lord Sear and Bobitto use to clown on Stretch for years(still do) on The Stretch Armstrong Show back in the day on WKCR by calling him a albino ostrich.They use to have people rolling.And then mix in Eclipse in the equation and its a rap.I remember one night they had Tragedy Khadafi of CNN and Juice Crew fame up their with Killa Sha (RIP).They killed the albino ostrich jokes way beyond the limit..As a matter of fact I think it might of been Killa Sha who the joke originated from.Not sure though.But anyway besides djing these 2 made a couple of really good remixes back in the 90s that they use to play.Here goes 3

Nas – One Love Dj Eclipse Remix

OC – Born 2 Live DJ Eclipse Remix

Big Noyd – Usual Suspect (Stretch Armstrong Remix)

To learn more about WKCR and Strecth Armstrong Show
WKCR 89.9 FM

Bobbito’s Bio

Stretch Armstrong’s Bio

Listen and Download The 20TH Anniversary-Reunion-Show here

***Flava Flav & A Gremlin***
Heard Chuck blamed Griff and The SW1’S for feeding Flav after midnight.Hence the short lived static they had.

Public Enemy – 911 Is a Joke

***Vinnie Paz Of Jedi Mind Tricks & Patton Oswald From The King Of Queens***
Would of made for better TV if Patton Oswald s character was more like Vinnie Paz.It would of been funny if Doug was doing his normal dumb shit and Oswald s character had that Paz growl and just punched him in his chest for no reason.But anyway except for Oswalds more sensitive look I think its definitely their.

Jedi Mind Tricks – Razorblade Salvation

Besides I Who Have Nothing this goes down as one of my favorite JMT tracks.

***Lil Jon & A Predator***
They should of just cast Lil Jon in the Predator movie from 2010 it couldn’t of been any worse.Is the resemblance their? I think Yeeeeeah!!!

***Lil Kim & Ms Potato Head***
No comment lol

Lil’ Kim – Big Momma Thang (Original Version) 2pac and Faith Evans Diss

“Oh yea who shot you..Who knows? But they got you.Fed Up?Wet Up?Maybe next time your punk ass will keep your head up”

The original version of Big Momma Thang that got pulled after 2Pacs death to avoid static.I always wondered why she was the only one to diss(or got released).But it was probably all for the better.Cant say besides the bouncy beat I ever like liked this joint.Just figured I’d post it cause its rare.

***T.I. & Adabeesi From Oz***
Ok I really reached on this one.At-least the hat is a dead winner tho.And who knows if T.I. keeps going the way he goes his green sheets will be a a-like to Adeebeesis too.

***The Blue Man Group & The SMURFS***
I hate the smurfing Blue Man Group..Nuff said.. I cant smurfing even fathom them to even have my opinion hit the page.But the Smurfs are always a pleasure.And a lot can be learned by taking note of the peaceful way the Smurfs live.So it didn’t surprise me to learn that they were smurfing Commies.

The Theory of Smurfian Communism

I always thought the idea of Communism was great.I just never heard about it working.Till i guess now with the Smurfs ha

***Pope Benedict & Darth Sidious From Star Wars***
Scary..Very fitting for 2012

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